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Help!!! Pc won't Recognize TV

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Trying to connect my tv to my computer. Here is my current set-up:


Then VGA to RCA / S Video:

I connected the yellow RCA wire to my tv but the computer will not detect it.

What about if I buy an S Video cable and use that with the purple S Video wire to the tv instead of the RCA wire? (My tv has RCA and S video hook ups.)

If that isn't possible, what about if I buy:

DVI to RCA Composite:

and use the 3 RCA wires to my tv? (my tv also seems to have these 3 composite green, red, blue hookups)

Thank you for any help you can offer! smile.gif
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You can't just pile on adapter after adapter and expect it to work.

Does your PC's graphic card explicitly support Composite (RCA) or S-Video output? Probably not. The VGA-Composite adapter you found online is designed for a specific, non-standard, VGA-shaped output. A normal VGA output signal does NOT have pins for Composite video. Or for S-Video. So don't waste time getting an S-Video cable either. Btw, even if you could get a signal the video quality from those hookups will suck.

The DVI-Component Video converter might have a chance of working, assuming it is a powered, active converter (ie it has a processing chip inside it). If it is just a passive piece, then, again, your PC's graphics card would have to explicitly support Component Video output through the DVI port. If the converter you are thinking of using is this Monoprice one, please read the item specs carefully as it is only for specfic graphics cards. You might be able to use this powered converter instead.

What is your TV model? What is the model of your graphics card? Does the TV have HDMI inputs on it? Does it not have a VGA input? Your best picture, signal-quality-wise, and, will be using a DVI-HDMI cable, assuming you have equipment that will support it.
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My tv is toshiba 27a60 - only has RCA and S video hook ups.

graphics card is amd radeon hd 6530d - 2DVI outputs
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If it were me, I'd look at getting a new HD TV that has HDMI inputs and a good enough resolution to make a PC hookup worthwhile.

If you want to go the converter route, you'll be spending money to get drastically-reduced video quality.
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