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VSX-822: Server Error during Pandora Setup

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Just bought the VSX-822 Pioneer, mainly to experience Pandora directly on the receiver. Have been able to setup virtually all other aspects of the receiver well. but Pandora is giving problems.
- I have updated the firmware successfully to 1.059.
- network, Internet radio and Airplay are all fully setup and working well.
To describe all steps...
- use the Network button to go to Internet Radio...
- press Network button again to go to Pandora screen... immediately get message connecting...
less than a second get Server Error which lasts for ~ 5 seconds
then the folder Pandora appears and stays on screen
- when pressing any of the keys... [Rt arrow] or [Enter] or [X] Top Menu
immediately get... connecting... then Server Error for 5 seconds then folder Pandora screen.

I am not sure of the required steps to input my Pandora account info.

Must I get beyond this Server Error to enter my account? If so... How?
Do I do enter account info elsewhere in the VSX-822?
Do I enter account info into a Pioneer App for iPhone? If so, which is the best app to use?

I tried the Pioneer ControlApp (June 2011)
- this can setup the vsx & get basic control, but cannot set Pandora

Tried other Pioneer Apps, including... iControlAV2012, iControlAV2, iControlAV,
- was not able to get these properly connected to the VSX-822, thus did not seem to work.

Any advise regarding... best Pioneer Control App
and proper Pandora setup method would be greatly appreciated.
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I am having the same problem. I have tried to use the droid app for the device and it wont allow me to use it to set it up. It is very aggrevating putting all that info in the thing for my pandora account and then getting a "server error." Everything else seems to work great. Pioneer REALLY needs to upgrade the firmware to DLNA to support movies and photos....push BD device button to access it...was able to dlna songs from my phone. Pretty awesome. But really need to be able to do the same with movies...and fix this server error issue.
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I had a similar problem but updating to that newer firmware (1.059) worked for me. Are you getting that error before or after you put in your login credentials? I think it came back with an 'Invalid login' and not server error, but after my bios update, the only other issue I ran into is that the password entry is case sensitive. I actually changed my pandora password to make it easier to input because the way to input them is pretty slow (and irritating).
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