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Monitor Audio RX6 vs Salk Songbirds

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I'm shopping between the Monitor Audio RX6's vs the Salk Songbirds. I have a local dealer where I can audition the RX6's but Salks are direct. I haven't demo'd the RX6's yet, but I'm looking for a slim tower for a 2.1 system that may someday become a HT system. I've read great things about both speakers and I'm wondering if anyone listened to both speakers and can give their impressions. I'm also considering Aperion Verus Forte towers and I live 3 miles from Aperion's offices and can demo those, but I've listened to their towers before and while they sound good I wasn't blown away. I generally listen to rock (contemporary and classic), folk, indie pop, jazz, and electronic. The speakers will initially be powered by a Denon AVR 1909 receiver but later I will probably upgrade to amp/preamp separates. The room is about 15x20 and is a kitchen/family room, but I will wind up moving them into a 12x18 media room once its done.

I'm open to any other speaker suggestions as well, but the speakers have to be under $1500 (why the songtowers are out) and they must pass the WAF, so looks are important. I am also considering some bookshelves such as the Monitor Audio RX2's and Salk WOW1's and Ascend Sierra 1's. There's also a local dealer selling PSB Synchrony 2B's for $1200. My concern with bookshelves is that stands have to be purchased and that's money that can be spent on the speakers or other gear and with the stands they have the same footprint as a small tower.
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Sounds like some good choices. I have the higher-up-the-chain Salk SCST's and love them

Regarding bookshelf's: I'd add the Philharmonic Philharmonitor to the list.
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