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Looking for a receiver upgrade

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I currently have an Onkyo TX-NR509 and while it's been a good little receiver I'd like to upgrade to something a little more powerful with more features. I have a few requirements. It needs to be at least 7.2, convert composite / component to HDMI and have an auto config similar to Audyssey and at least 100w per channel (preferably higher). The more HDMI inputs the better as well.

My speaker setup is:

Polk Audio CS2
Polk Audio Monitor 70's
Polk Audio Monitor 30's
(Will add Monitor 40's to complete the 7.x setup)

They aren't the most high end speakers but I do believe they will benefit from a little more power (I do not plan on using external amps with this setup).

So giving a price range of $400 - 700, possibly a little higher if it will really benefit the HT, what would be a good receiver? I'm open to different brands but I've used Onkyo in the past. I was eyeballing the Onkyo 809 which can be had for a little over $600.
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I used to be an Onkyo guy too but I have noticed the brand has slowly gone downhill in comparison to the other big players. Onkyo still makes some nice receivers but I hear more people complain about their Onkyo's going out than any other brand.

Personally, I can recommend 2 receivers, as I have owned both.

The Pioneer Elite VSX-60 $649
The Pioneer Elite SC-61 $1100

I mention the 61 because it can be found on sale, I just bought mine for $849 after haggling with the Magnolia guy. The new Elite line has a few benefits, mainly the new amp designs. The 60 will really push some fantastic sound through your Polks, and it comes with the latest version of MCACC.

If you want a receiver that will set you up for the forseeable future than the 61 is a no brainer since it comes with a D3 amp. Finding a D amp receiver under $1000 is hard enough, let alone Pioneers newest D3. I'm running the latest MartinLogan Motion series speakers, and the 61 pushes wonderful, warm sound through my 5.1. I have not talked to a single professional installer that has anything negative to say about Pioneers new SC line.

If you plan to stay with 8 ohm speakers than the 60 would be the way to go, even though it produces 90 watts per channel. Plus the 3D pass through and air-play are nice touches. Lastly the the Pioneer processes the low frequencies much better and cleaner than the Yamaha line, if you are considering that brand as well.

My 2 cents.
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