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Behringer EPX3000 best connection to Receiver Sub out

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Hello all, I am trying to hook up a Behringer EPX3000 amplifier to a pioneer sc 68 amp Subwoofer output. The output on the Pioneer is RCA. I am using a TC SOUNDS LMSR 15 Sub that I have built a custom enclosure for. I have the option to use RCA on the Behringer Amp,that said I have read in other posts that the input would be lower than a connection made by XLR. I have read about a device made by Samson that ups the input voltage to the amp. My question is should I be connected with RCA and the gain turned all the way up? or should I purchase some kind of gain adjuster? XLR to RCA? I need a bit of basic explanation.Thanks for the help.
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Ive tried just about every bumpbox (including the samson) I could get my hands on, I still have several laying around. They work good for the cases where this is necessary, but in your particular case, you just need to use the standard rca to rca cable and never look back. I have been running an EPX4000 for 2 years, never needed a converter of any sort, period.
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I have only had this receiver for about a week and have not used the MACCAC setup yet. My only concern is that if I am unable to get the output from the sub with the RCA connection, what other options do I have? Just with my initial tests listening without the auto eq, it sounds like I have to crank up the sub amp to max and the sub output on the amp to full to get a reasonable amount of output. I am wondering if I have made a mistake by purchasing the EPX3000 for my sub amp? Also, because I know very little about subwoofer setup should I look at purchasing some sort of sub eq that perhaps has the ability to adjust gain to the sub amp. Maybe I should direct some of these questions to different posts? Thanks for the input
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Don't get your hopes down just yet. Where are you located? Someone might be able to help you out for an hour or so smile.gif The EPX is a killer amp. If you bought it new, it should give you DECADES of good playback. perhaps try another cable? Are you using a direct RCA to RCA cable at the moment?
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My older Pioneer Elite SC-05 can deliver >7.5Vrms from the SW output. I'd be surprised if your newer Elite can't easily drive the Behringer into clipping via the RCA input.
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It's not the Pioneer or the Crown IMO. The SC-55 runs my subs perfectly with zero boost (0db) and the gain knob three clicks under maximum on my Crown XTi-2002.
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agreed with both. There is something else going on here. Did you double check your wiring for the sub? If you have the voice coils out of phase (if it is DVC that is) then you could have the issues you are experiencing. also, where are your crossovers set on the AVR? it might be that your mains are set to "large" and the receiver doesn't think you need a sub. I would suggest looking at the sub wiring and then if that is all correct (post about it if you aren't sure) then run MCACC and see what it does.
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Thanks for all the input. I have set the Pioneer up with the built in EQ software(full auto MCACC). After Beastaudio's comment I did check the calibration and indeed the front speakers are set to large? I am not sure why the EQ would choose to change the speaker size to Large? To answer a few other questions, Yes, I am using an RCA to RCA, the crossover is set to 80hz. and the gain was set to 75% on the Behringer. I assumed that with the full eq calibration the large speakers would produce bass as low as they could 50hz or so. I did not think that would change the sub output ?I thought if the xover was set at 80 hz everything below would be sent to the sub regardless what speaker size was set to? Is that not correct?Could someone try to explain. Thanks
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The front speakers have to be set small or it won't redirect any bass to the sub when playing back 2 channel music in "Stereo".
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I am going to try the small speaker setting this morning. I am confused with the fact that the auto MCACC changes these settings? If some one could chime in about the auto eq on the Pioneer, I would like to know if I change the speaker settings do I need to recalibrate?
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No, change the settings to small and then if you do try to recalibrate, it will just set your speakers back to large. What MCACC is doing is reading the response of your speakers, and if the response is low enough, it sets them to large or "full range" because they are capable of that. setting them to small redirects the bass that they would otherwise try and reproduce to the LFE channel, thus getting more use out of your sub, and at the same time, making your speakers not have to work as hard. It is more common than uncommon to have to do this step with speakers that have meaningful responses below 40hz, which isnt all that hard to do.
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You'll wan't probably all your speakers on small. In the not to distant past this kept getting me every time. Older AVRs without on screen display was harder to quickly see what was going on. Fiddling through the front panel to find the speaker setup and change everything back to small. Don't drink while calibrating it can drive you insane biggrin.gif
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Is the sub seal or ported.
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I have managed to get a fair bit of sound from this sub now with the help from the last posts.The Pioneer has so many settings for EQ and such that I have a really large learning curve to tackle. As far as the Sub build.I have a ported design. I have built this sub with the input of Thilo Stompler from TC Sounds, he designed the box. I just wanted to build my own for the fun of it. The problem now is understanding tuning and how to make this sub really do what he said it should. I have a drawing a friend did in Sketchup, I would post it I just can't figure how to put it in the post? I will say at this point I am sure I am not getting the full effect of what this sub is capable of. I need to start with the basics I guess, does anyone recommend a starting point? Example: Should I use a certain source Blu ray or CD? certain type of music or Film? Is there a sound mode I should be in? Should I alter the output of the sub within MCACC or leave it he way it has been equalized? Or is there an app I should get to set this thing up? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Where are you located again? Some one close by could come by and probably run things through with you in an hour or so and make so much more sense of it than us trying to type it all out for you here smile.gif The yammy thread in the AVR section is probably the best place to get those specific questions answered.
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I am located in Victoria B.C. Canada.
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you are going to need a high pass on it it. my guess is you are sitting in a null. i didn't get the bass i wanted until i added a second sub to even out the response.
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Can you give me a little more input about the high pass. Is this on the amp? A second sub is not in the budget right now.
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Let's not be concerned just yet about the Highpass. Yes it would be good to put one on, but let's focus on output here first before we go chopping off the frequencies below the tuning of the ported box. The second point could be true, so let's try this exercise: Walk around the room, and see if the bass is any louder/softer in other places like right near the subs, back corner of the room, etc. Do you have a cheap radio shack SPL meter? if not, get one. Also go download this and use it as a test cd:

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Thanks beastaudio, I have a apple computer I guess I will have to break out my son's windows laptop for the program? I will let you know when I have a copy of the test cd ready to try. Thanks for your help. I look forward to hearing this sub soon.
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