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Image "warping"

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Hey all. I just installed an Epson 8350 and noticed something strange with the image. Whenever the camera pans from left to right, or right to left, the image warps in a way that looks like the camera is using a fish eye lens or something. When the image is still, it looks fine, but when there is left to right or right to left movement, it looks funky. Is this a calibration thing, or a bad projector thing?

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Sounds like you have the aspect ratio set to wide where the center of a 4:3 the image is left alone and the outer portions are stretched. Set it to Normal so the image is displayed with the aspect ratio it was recorded in.. 4:3 will have black bars on the left and right 16:9 will fill the screen
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Thanks airscapes. I will try that and will check out a couple of different movies making sure to check both 'widescreen' and other formats.
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What transport are you using?
Hdmi, component, composite
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If your screen is not perfectly flat you can encounter this effect. That is to say, if there are any waves or curls it will look fine in a stationary image but warped during motion.
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Hey all. I changed the aspect ratio setting to match the DVD format and that fixed it. Looks good now. Thanks for all the help.
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