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Best Seats Under $400?

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There are a lot of threads in this forum dedicated to individual seating models. For someone just starting the search for theater seats, can someone provide a rundown of decent options at or less than $400 per seat?

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The 2 options I am debating (both under your $400 price).

Seatcraft Eros
Interior Express Cannes

The Eros are cheaper and have faux leather, the Cannes are real leather and from what I've read seem to have better build quality. I am leaning towards the Eros myself still because I don't view whatever I get as something I will keep permanently and saving $150 on a pair would be better.
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Shopping around you can get some nice seats like the Lane Matinee (103) for less than $400 per seat, as long as you don't want power recline etc. I got mine from theaterseat . com for $364 each and they come with tray tables and arm storage. Couldn't be happier with them, or the service I got from the store. I just emailed and asked what the best price they could do was, and $728 for the pair was the answer. It pays to ask....
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Thanks. Recommendations on retailers that are reputable and those to avoid are appreciated as well.
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