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Anyone have an Elite ezFrame AT screen?

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I came across a 166" (diag) Elite ezFrame 2.35:1 AT screen on Amazon for $424. It was the only one they had left so I ordered it without doing any research. But I can't find anything on Elite's site about that model. In fact, their current ezFrame series doesn't even include 2.35. Does anyone have any experience with any Elite AT screen?

I have been considering going CIH for a while but wasn't planning anything immediate, until I saw that screen. A few months back I upgraded to a Panasonic AE8000 so that I could use the memory function to switch between 16:9 and 2.35 but hadn't upgraded my screen yet. This one is 1.0 gain, same as my current screen, so brightness doesn't worry me, especially with the 8000 which I watch in eco mode. But if there are other reasons to avoid that screen please let me know, I can still cancel.
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Well you got a steal of a deal. The only 166" I saw was a CineWhite for $915 and the biggest AT screen was 138" @ $1,055. So if you don't want it I'll buy it from you!

Let us know your impressions!
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Screen arrived today, much more quickly than I expected with free shipping. It's definitely big. I have a 133" 16:9 screen and wanted to keep that size when watching 16:9 content, which is why I needed the 166".

So putting this thing together I've come across a potential problem. I believe the center support bar is too long. It's obviously designed to go in the middle of the screen but it seems that it should fit perfectly in the corner, and it would not fit in the corner. I have to use a hammer to get it to fit straight in the middle of the screen and when it does it bows severely. I even picked up the screen to put all of the weight on the top of the frame and the support still bowed. Am I missing something?
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Wow. That is a steal. Maybe the fitment issue is the reason?

I'm looking for the same size/style screen -- AT and about 140-150" wide 2.35.

When you get your fitment issue straightened out, could you give me your impression on how much this screen material affects the sound quality of the speaker(s) behind it? I'm thinking of some pretty nice speakers to put behind a screen but would feel like a chump if these screen materials ended up making my $7000 speakers sound like the $599 HTIB speakers you get at Target. I'm more interested in how the screen affects some of the intangibles like imaging, clarity, transparency, and dynamics. If it just quiets the sound down, that's what the volume dial is for!

Hope you get the fitment figured out easily!
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