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need advice on how to clean lens for Panasonic TM900 HD camcorder

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I just now cleaned the inside surface of some windows in my house that didn't have any visible dirt or smudges and looked superficially clean, but a fair amount of black "film" came off during the cleaning process. That got me to thinking about my Panasonic TM900 camcorder lens. For the first 6 months of use, I didn't realize one needed a UV filter to avoid getting dirt, dust, etc. on the camera lens itself. I have looked at the lens with a magnifying glass and can't see anything specific, but the images don't seem quite as "pristine" as they did when it was brand new. I now have a B+W UV filter to prevent any further accumulation of dirt on the camcorder lens, but am concerned that during the 6 months or so I used it without a filter that it must have accumulated some dust or other fine dirt on it. So, my question is, "Is there a safe way to clean the lens to make it absolutely pristine without scratching it or leaving some dust or cleaning solution "film" or anything behind on it? Alternatively, is there a "special" way to look at the lens such as some particular kind of light or high magnification to better determine if there really is anything on the surface? All answers and experience will be much appreciated.
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Never, ever use a regular cloth, part of a shirt, bath tissue, etc.to clean a lens (or filter) - as it may scratch the lens.

ALWAYS use a microfiber cloth designed for camera lenses, available at B&H, Amazon, etc. or your local camera store:

There are some kits that include liquid cleaning fluid with the cloth:

I haven't myself used the kits with fluid, only a micro fiber cloth alone so maybe someone else can tell you their experience with that.

You can clean the lens with the microfiber cloth and hold it near a bright light to inspect for any specks on on the lens or filter.
If you keep the UV on all the time, cleaning the lens shouldn't be an issue. Try not to put it directly near a bright light while the camera is on/turn it off as it may damage the sensor - if it has an automatic lens cover just don't hold it so close near a light.
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Yes, the lens pen is the best system - cloths can have embedded particles that acidentally adhere that can scratch the lens. With the "pen" you brush off particles on the lens at one end and then you use the other end to rub off smudges.

I am always getting a fingerprint on filters I put on and take off the lens (ND and polarizer); and this works well and I never have to worry about scratching.
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The Lens Pen company made things confusing. They licensed their design to others, so the "orignial" can be found with a variety of brand names. And, there are different sizes.

Here is another version: Amazon Basics Lens Pen
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