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HDMI cable problem

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Just got the bulk of my home theater project done and its awesome. One problem. Had to run a 50' HDMI cable from the receiver to the projector to hide it in the wall. After a couple of weeks the HDMI cable failed. That's when I realized that is a long stretch for HDMI and started to research solutions. I guess the first question is; is the cable that i went to all the trouble to hide garbage now or will attaching a booster solve the problem? (By the way, the 25' cable I ran just across the floor temporarily has just done the same thing after a weeks time). Second; if anyone has a better solution than a booster, PLEASE feel free to input. Thanks
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Find out what failed? Doesn't seem likely that 2 cables would fail.
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So what does it do? You say it works for a week and fails.. what is the symptom. Cables don't just fail, but connections can be touchy even at 25' Tell us more of what is going on.
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The more I research, the more I believe that it is a low quality, cheap cable problem ( Aurum Cables- Heavy duty 26 gauge CL3 50' and the 25' is a Link Depot that doesn't even give a gauge). The 25' cords (on the second of the 2 I originally bought) are spotty to begin with and just seem to gradually get worse until they just quit after about a week. The 50' cable worked fine for about 12 to 14 days before it just crapped out all at once. I still don't really understand why they would degrade over such a short period of time. I've read that over time, technology changes and more is asked of these cables causing them to fail due to too much info passing through. Nothing changes over the short time these things work. It's to the point that I am ready to redesign the whole h/t system, putting everything right behind the projector to avoid the long cable problem all together (ugh). The bright side of that is at least it would be out of reach of the kids. Thanks for any input.
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I don't know if I answered the symptom question very well. I just hooked my second 25' cable up last night to watch the Sugar Bowl and noticed that it would flash a blue screen for a split second a few times during the game. Later on, while playing the ps3, it went black for a few seconds and then went back to normal. It sucks knowing this cable has a time limit. lol
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The cable is not broken, it is just not able to carry the signal due to the length an quality. At 25' your are near the max length of the HDMI standard, it is just built in headroom that lets longer cables work at all. One other thing that can happen (does on my 35' run to the kitchen) is if the cable has a tight bend at the end or is being pulled in any way, the connection can be very week (electrically) and the slightest vibration or as the component heats up it losses the signal. When it stops working, try to remove and reseat the cables at all ends.
Take a look at this thread, very much like your problem.
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Thanks for the link. I have the same projector even. I should get a booster in the mail tomorrow. hopefully that will help, but will also try changing the settings to 720. will let you know, thanks to all.
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Got the booster yesterday in the mail. Got absolutely no signal using that thing. Back it goes. Change the settings on the ps3 to 720p and still had the same problem. Moved the ps3 right under the projector and used a 6' HDMI and it worked perfect. So, I have definitely decided to change the whole setup to avoid a long HDMI run (not worth the fight and I think I will like it better anyway). Nothing to it, just more wire running. Yeah! Thanks for all the help.
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Hi arguss, two suggestion to try after reconnecting the long HDMI cable.
- first on the PS3 try turning off "Deep Color/Colour Output (HDMI)" found under Display Settings.

- if that didn't work then also on the PS3 try turning off "BD 1080p 24Hz output (HDMI)" found under Video Settings.
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I have a similar run in my house.

I am running 2 40' HDMI cables from under a staircase (component rack) to my projector. I used these cables and have had no problems (home theater has been done for 4 weeks now).

I have played PS3 games (even in 3d), ps3 blurays (yes even in 3d) and regular video without any issues.

Might be worth a shot. Supposedly, the redmere technology allows the long 40-50' HDMI runs without any problems (the site says 65 ft max).
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26AWG seems VERY small for a passive 50' HDMI cable, even standard-speed. For a 50' passive cable, I wouldn't consider anything less than 24awg and would prefer 22awg, and even then you'll only have standard-speed and likely won't be able to pass 1080p Frame Packed 3D (if 3D is a concern).

A better solution would likely be an active cable like the RedMere line from Monoprice. My 50' 28awg active Slim Series RedMere cable is bullet-proof even with 1080p Frame Packed 3D at 50', and extremely flexible compared to the 24awg 50' standard-speed cable it's replacing.
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Thanks guys. I did finally just rewire the whole system and put it right behind the ceiling mounted projector. It is working out great so the kids (7-5-3-1) can't get a hold of anything but the center and the sub, although I am having some good results with shock training for those two items. Although I did kind of screw up in thinking that I could get away with a cheap cord being that it was only 3 ft long and will go on ahead to Monoprice and get a higher quality HDMI due to occasional flashes of white static.
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The quality is great from most monoprice items and it's usually cheaper than any "cheap cable" I find locally. Glad it worked out for you.
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Please note these are VERY heavy and do not bend very well if you have your display tight against the wall and there is no room for the cable. They pull real nice and the 35' works in my setup. EXCEPT the connector ends seem to be loose in the display ports. I had to wiggle the the cable every day to get the display to connect or when it would drop out. I have since added a 360 degree swivel so there is less pressure on the cable and less drop outs.. (
See my review about 1/4 way down page
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