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120" screen and 8' ceilings, am I nuts

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I am contemplating a 120" 16:9 screen in a room that only has 8' ceilings. Is that insane? At 59" tall, that is only going to leave about 3' of clearance on top or bottom? I think it would be OK if I mounted the screen as high up as possible, but are there any drawbacks to having the top of the screen almost touching the ceiling?

Havent decided on a Projector yet but am leaning towards a panny, though haven't decided on model.

It probably also doesn't leave much room for a center channel, but I have been running phantom centers for years and haven't really minded. Though, the LR's would be much farther apart in this setup than they currently are flanking my 50" plasma
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also, only one row of seating at about 14' and I am painting the ceiling flat black
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If you're nuts then I'm ???? My ceiling is only a bit over 7' and I have a 120" 16:9 screen we've been enjoying for almost 2 years. First with a Viewsonic Pro8100 and then added an Epson 3010 for 3d. We sit about 18' back and the center of view is just a bit lower than center of screen. I was concerned about it being too low but it turned out fine and we're glad we didn't go smaller. I think you'll agree.smile.gif


BTW, Sometimes we sit at 14' or less from the screen when viewing 3d. cool.gif
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good to know. Do you have your flush with the ceiling, or is it lower
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Yes, the screen housing is mounted flush to the ceiling--by lag bolts into studs.

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Thanks, would love a pic if you got one. If not, don't worry about it.
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my ceiling are 8' and i have a 130" screen
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120" and 8'ceiling = no problem. in fact, i plan to, someday, put it in my basement mancave that has 6'4" ceiling. your biggest concern will be reflections from walls, ceiling and perhaps the floor. and objects in the room.
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Wow, my screen is 92" and my ceiling very low at 7' and we sit about 7-8' away. The screen is right at the top of the ceiling. If I was sitting 18' away I'd have a miles bigger screen than 120" or sit much closer.
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