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Selling my HD70 locally, some questions (Colorwheel problem)

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This is not an advertisement, yet... I have listed this projector at my local craigslist. I am posting here to ask you guys what I think I should get for it. Here's the scoop:

It's an Optoma HD70, about 4 years old. Worked great up till about a year ago, then I started getting colorwheel issues (at about 2600 hours in--I was on the first bulb). In a misguided attempt to correct the issue, I bought a new bulb, which of course did nothing. Later, I ordered a new colorwheel on eBay and installed it. PROBLEM SOLVED!! Well... for about 6 months anyway. Just a few weeks ago, the problems came back. Here is a video of my projector colorwheel problem:


So, needless to say, I am sick of diagnosing and fixing this thing, so I am putting it to pasture. I bought an Epson 8350 and installed it today. I am very happy with it so far, though I have ~2hrs on it. I bought it for its reviews and the fact that it has no colorwheel, so NO COLORWHEEL PROBLEMS!!!

So, what should I charge for my HD70? It has 2 working bulbs included, one with about 2600hrs, and another with about 200 hours. I assume I would be selling it to someone with the technical knowledge to fix it and most likely flip it for a little profit. I am OK with that--just want it out of my home!!

So, what do you guys think?? What's it worth?

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Personally I would not pay anything for a broken projector, you may find you can sell the lamp on ebay for $25 or so, but would you buy it?. Think of it this way, what would you pay for it if you were someone on Craigs list?
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You are not the target buyer, neither am I. I assume there are people out there that know how to easily service/repair these things, and can then flip them for a bit of a profit. That's who would buy this.

The lamps lose ~80% of their value within 200 hours???
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Again, would you buy a used lamp that the guy on criags list says has 200 hours on for what.. $200.. $100...$50
Craigs list is an online yard sale.. Try and get whatever you think it is worth.. just telling you what I would pay, as I am a Craigs list junkie and monitor all day and I do know a bit about fixing things.. Infact I have to pick up a storm door after dinner.. $25 and is supposed to be like new.. we shall see..
It doesn't cost anything to list, so start high and be prepared to get a low ball offers.
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