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Thank you for allow the great information I have been able to find here. After countless hours if digging I think have narrowed it down to these 2. I started after the denon 1913, which research made me consider the Sony 1030. I got really excited about the wifi and Bt, only to find that is for streaming music to, not playing audio, via either, to wireless speakers. The wifi/Bt would be nice but not required, modem is very near amp location.

Then I realized that it would be very nice to have 2 hdmi outs. AirPlay is a must, reliable hdmi switching (why I'm replacing my current Onkyo). I need a powered 2nd zone for sure, main room is 5.1 running klipsch reference series, 2nd zone is 2 ch stero for now. And definitely must have arc audio return via hdmi. And so I am stuck: both meet above requirements but factoring sony's ui is less than pleasant, the Denon lacks this "stand out feature" of Bt and wifi, but how necessary or helpful is that really? I mean if I could send audio to wireless speakers, or video to a smart tv it would be well worth it.

Help please, any similar recommendations are also welcome. But please support with reason.
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