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Hi, I know this topic gets posted a lot -- but I'd love suggestions for this specific model.

I am trying to figure out which settings to adjust to avoid eye strain & fatigue/nausea with this tv. I have searched the forums and found contradictory views on panel type and what to do with back lighting etc.

I can be sensitive to fluorescent lights and different led/lcd monitors, as well as crt 60hz efresh rates, but it did not occur to me that this could be an issue with a new TV.

I am going from a Sony 27" crt to this hdtv. I have spent time (visiting family) with an LG led backlit 42" HDTV and a Panny Plasma G?55 (both a few yrs old) and have not had a bad reaction. I especially love the Panny Plasma but needed to get a TV 42" to 46" (not available in the US for months now) and thought the Sony would be worth a try.

My Sony has about 80 hours on it. I have been using cinema or standard scene modes with RCN HD Cable using 1080i from the cable box.

Back lighting, Motion Flow -- there are so many different advanced settings barely explained by the online manual.

I am not sure what will be easy on my eyes and still render a realistic picture.

I am waiting for more time on the unit before I attempt to calibrate it -- using a AVS calibration video as a start.

I am sitting about 8 ft away -- and will add more ambient light tonight.

I appreciate any advice you might have. Also, any links to more technical information on the "video engine" and advanced features on this model? thanks, Stephanie
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