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Noob in need of opinions.

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First off a big hello and thanks to all the people giving support here. This is my first post so please bare with me if I'm not clear or just plain wrong...

I've recently decided to turn my upstairs loft to a theater and plan to pull the trigger on the setup around February/March. I do have two windows, one behind the anticipated location of the projector screen and one adjacent. I'm thinking of black draped curtains behind the screen (92") and red ones at then entrance to block the adjacent window. I have recessed lights with dimmer control but plan on complete darkness(close to it) with the drapes drawn. Room is good length at around 20' but poor ceiling height at only 7'2" (I assumes ceiling mount but would a table mount be better at this height?). So, if planning to pull the trigger in the spring I had my eye on either the outdated Sony HW30 or the unreviewed Mitsubishi HC5 a Frankenstein of the 9K series. My primary concern is 2D with emphasis on sharpness and blacks as I currently own a plasma but like the idea of going 3D for the misses and friends. The JVC RS45 would be in the running if the crosstalk didn't exist. With that being said anybody got a solid opinion? Other question would be screen manufacture and gain, I was thinking of staying within 1.0-1.3.

So, if you had $2500 to burn on a projector, would one wait for August and see what's new? Wait for the HC to be reviewed? Or save up the extra couple of bones and get the HW50? RS-46 would be sweet if not for the horrible 3D I've read about...

Never owned a projector before and so either way I'm sure ill be thrilled but like any other over-analytical male, I want to cover all my basis before making a decision.

Thanks a ton guys and I hope you're still awake wink.gif
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How tall are you? With lens shift ceiling height isn't a big deal.
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Does lens shift distort the image at all? I too am a PJ noob and while I get what it does, practically speaking, I'm wonder what one gives up to use it. Only money? Or PQ as well.
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Typical 6' kind of guy... and I had te same though as xw but I assume there's some play without distortion.
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Lens shift is ok to use, keystone correction, not so much. http://www.projectorreviews.com/advice/general/opticalkeystone.php
I'd wait and be prepared to take advantage of any good deals that come up while you save for a HW50. If no good deals come along, see how that Sony is fairing when it comes time.
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Thanks for the link, looks like I could ceiling mount dependent on the throw angle of the pj.

Any buzz about a review of the HC5?
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Lense shift won't distort, it makes things easy.

Hc5 looks good, I would consider it if I was in the market.
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Thanks for the reply, the HC5 is considerably less than the Sony and I'd pull the trigger now if I knew the black level would be amongst such equal. Would anyone that owns an HC5 comment?
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Yea I dunno, it uses the same panels as the vw90 right? I would imagine they are top notch if that is the case. If you have the money and want great blacks you gotta go jvc. No iris to mess with either.

There is a scene in the new Sherlock holmes moVie that makes my Sony go crazy with the iris, it looks terrible. But mine is 5 years old, an eternity in projectors. I'm guessing they are better now.
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I think they do use the same panels as the 9k. I would love to go JVC in fact, that would be my absolute first choice but i can't ignore the negative feedback on the 3D performance... I would put the viewing ratio at 75% 2D and 25% 3D. While the novelty of it may ware down some... i would still expect an 80/20 ratio...

Is the iris loud or visually noticeable to a point of distraction constantly? Is the iris a mechanical moving part? i assume and therefore more parts to go bad?
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Mitsubishi had quite a bit of ghosting on the hc9000, and I believe this model is based on it. Also, usually the Mits has less lumens expected, true you never know for sure, but I would just get the Sony hw50, no reason to wait for the Mits IMHO.
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yeah, i would agree... any info on the HC7900DW? curious how that sizes up to the 30es and 50es models... I'm coming from a plasma and would rate sharpness and black level very high and in that order... would you agree coderguy the Sony 30/50 & 7900DW would be the best all round 2D/3D units? i know if going strictly for 2D it would be the JVC... is the 3D and poor bulb performance really that bad? enough to negate them all together?

thanks again for all the support.
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