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Please suggest receiver and stereo speakers for office

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I want to add a receiver and stereo speakers to my office which has 2 set top boxes, an OPPO BD player, and a 55 inch LED display

I am thinking of the Denon AVR-1913 receiver: I realize it is more than I need but I want the HDMI ins and Sirius music and network capability: I only need stereo speakers

I need suggestions for speakers (limited space, floor standing not possible) and if there is another receiver to consider (I prefer Denon as I have the remote control codes programmed)

Budget is $1k for receiver and a pair of speakers but I am flexible

TIA for any suggestions
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I too am looking for basically the same receiver recommendation: a network receiver for Airplay/Pandora with to be used on a 2.1 channel setup.
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I found an Onkyo 2 channel receiver that seems perfect:


now I have to find some bookshelf or wall mount speakers to go with
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I suggest the Ascend Acoustic's Sierra One.smile.gif
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That Onkyo won't work for me, as I definitely need HDMI switching.

If you don't need HDMI switching, you might be better off getting a nice old school stereo or integrated amp AND get an Apple TV to use with Airplay.

I currently am using a Marantz PM-57 integrated amp with a pair of B & W 302 bookshelf speakers with a matching B & W ASW300 sub. Got both in 1998 and they still sound great! But since my plasma is a commercial grade Panasonic it only has one HDMI. Now that I have cable box, Blu-Ray player, & a Nintendo Wii U its time to get a new receiver.

Why are you wanting a network capable receiver? What are you wanting it to do? I just want to be able to stream Pandora and play my Itunes.
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I was hoping someone would chime in and say "definitely get a XXXX brand receiver, they handle 2.1 channel audio GREAT!"

But I might just take my own advice and find a used HIGH QUALITY receiver with HDMI switching AND get an Apple TV AND a Harmony Remote. Since I don't foresee wanting more than 2.1 channels AND since most receivers don't come with WIFI built in I think I might get better sound from an older HIGH QUALITY 5.1 channel receiver with plenty of HDMI inputs.

Any suggestions?
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