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DirecTV RC65: Power on/off 3 devices?

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This RC65 remote can be used to turn on/off both the DirecTV receiver as well as the TV with a single button press. Does anyone know if a third device (HT receiver) can be added to this workflow?

I am able to control the HT receiver with this remote as far as individual power/volume goes, but I don't know if there is a way to have it turn on/off automatically along with the other two devices. Any ideas?

I'm trying to avoid having to buy a Harmony remote to solve this little inconvenience.

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No it can't. But a $15 RCA RCRP05B or BR can and is made by the same company that makes your DirecTV remote and even uses all the same codes. You gain macros (activities), learning, and programming on a PC via JP1 similar to harmony. A very worthwhile upgrade for very little money.
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Thanks for the tip. I see RCA RCRP05BR on Amazon. Would this work?

What's the difference between RCRP05B and BR?
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The B and BR remotes are identical except for the packaging and a few button shapes. For DirecTV, you'll want to use SAT code 1377. That should cover just about every function. If you are missing any, you can fill in the rest using the Manual 9XX programming instructions in my Wiki link and the following Advanced codes:
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
0    00138
1       00010
2       00034
3       00026
4       00242
5       00234
6       00002
7       00250
8       00082
9       00074
channel up      00042
channel down    00066
power   00146
menu    00019
guide   00083
info    00067
exit    00003
up arrow        00011
down arrow      00035
left arrow      00027
right arrow     00243
select  00235
enter   00154
last/prev ch    00058
play    00147
pause   00163
rewind  00155
fast fwd        00115
stop    00139
record  00107
f.fwd/next track        00123
replay  00131
dash    00162
active  00075
back    00251
list    00099
red     00008
green   00024
yellow  00032
blue    00240
discrete on     00014
discrete off    00006
format  00153
clear NVRAM     00085
factory test    00093
play (slomo)    00227
fwd (skip fwd to tick)  00171
rew (skip back to tick) 00179
30s slip (jump to end)  00211
skip back (jump to start)       00187
Live    00092
Zoom    00084
ThumbsUp        00044
ThumbsDown      00036
Clear   00052

Commands in parentheses are press and hold. Use those instead of the non-press-hold commands, i.e., assign 00227 to the play button rather than 00147 to get the slomo function when you press and hold. If you use an address other than 1, those commands will have to be learned from the DirecTV remote or loaded using a JP1 cable.

This model is also available at many major retailers (walmart, sears, etc), electronics stores, grocery stores and drug stores.
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What I really need is to find a properly working code for my Yamaha receiver (V371). The codes provided by DirecTV only half work. Some of them will allow the DirecTV remote to turn the unit on; others will allow it to turn off, but there isn't a single code that does both, which may prevent the All Power On/Off on this RCA remote to work properly.

Maybe I can teach it the power command from the original Yamaha remote?
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THIS should work for your Yamaha. If not, post there and ask for more help. Worst case you could put your master on and off macros on different buttons or one button and its shifted self.
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Thanks. Sounds like some of those guys can't find the code for power toggle either. I'll experiment with the codes given there and see if any of them work. Thanks again!
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Got the remote today. Setting up the receiver's power on/off was a challenge as expected, but I found the following post which helped me figure it out, including the right power toggle code for the receiver.


Thanks again for your help.
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