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BrightLink HDMI cables?

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Piggy-backing on my previous post...

Is anyone familiar with BrightLink PROLink HDMI cables? Saw some on eBay that are comparable in price to some others I've seen on monoprice.com. Just wondering if they're quality or not.
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First you need to be concerned if you are running anything other than 1080i or 720p. Second, we've heard of many counterfeit HDMI cables on eBay that are labeled as High Speed and aren't or just don't work at all. Buyer beware and make sure you are getting what you think you are.

High Speed passive HDMI cables max out at barely over 25 feet. If you need to go greater than 25 feet and you want a High Speed cable then your choices are Redmere (I think that maxes out at 65' right now) or convert to cat 6 for the long run.

If you want to try a Standard Speed cable, then you should get the thickest guage cable you can find for 100 feet. Even then I doubt you'll be able to get 1080p/60 to run that far but maybe depending on the cable quality. However, to increase your chances make sure Deep Color is disabled on all your devices (it provides no picture improvement anyway). Also make sure your thick cable is not bent. But, just remember there is no guarantee that a standard speed cable will work but it may.

Other than fiber optic, those really are your choices. Unless you convert to Cat 6 (HDBaseT is a possibility) you are outside of the HDMI specification at 100 feet with 1080p/60.
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Thank you so much for the detailed response. Clearly I'm a newb to this, so I appreciate any advice I can get. What about an HDMI repeater? Would that give me more quality at that long of a run?

Unfortunately I'm not very familiar with fiber optic or Cat 6. I'm wondering if I'm going to have to rethink my plans of hiding the components so far away.
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You have choices just not a passive HDMI solution. Fiber will be expensive. Cat 6 is just a conversion from straight HDMI to Cat 6 and then back again. That would cover you and can be fairly cheap (around $100 plus cable). Just make sure the converter has all the features (such as 3D) listed that you'll want. I stay away from dual cat 5 converters and only look at 5e/6 converters. Cat 6 has the advantage that it is easy to run and fairly thin.

On a slightly different subject, make sure you have sufficient cooling whereever the equipment ends up. You would be surprised how much heat standard equipment can generate even in a large room.
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Thanks again! How truly expensive is fiber optic?

In regards to the cooling of the components, what are good options? Is there a specific type of cooling fan that you recommend? And should the shelves be ventilated steel or something like that?
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I don't have a number for fiber but I remember it was in the upper hundreds per converter last time I looked. Hopefully someone else here can provide a good estimate.

What really helped us was getting rid of the heat and no as much adding cool air. So which ever fan (or HVAC return) you choose, make sure you have a way for air to come out of the closet. I remember there were some racks (I think you are looking at them) that had air flowing into the shelving. That's good but you also need a way for that hot air to get out of the area (warm air rises) after it is out of the equipment area. We increased the cooling after the build and that was certainly not the cheap way of doing things. We rejected anything that sent the warm air into the attic through an open vent because of how hot the summers (and springs and falls) are here.
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