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should i wait?

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I have finally saved up enough to get the 55st50 and was wanting to know when best buy gets new tvs and whether or not i should wait.. I know around the super bowl there are a good deals but not sure if they will have a deal on the st50. if they get them in Februrary then i can wait but depending on how much longer i will probly buy the tv this weekend haha.
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Panasonic discontinued production on the ST50 about a month ago and the 55", 60", and 65" sizes are no longer available from Panasonic's online store, so whatever remaining inventory that's left in the supply chain could dry up well before February arrives. Prices are already pretty low, and demand may keep prices the same or maybe even force them higher since the new models won't be arriving until late March or early April.
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SHOWM3URBOOBYZ (like the name by the way),

I was in the same boat as you the week after Christmas. Do I wait, or do I buy it now. I don't know what price you are looking for, but I was able to get BB to price match Paul's TV. Plus, Paul's has a coupon "SAVE50" which knocks off a little more. I also got 12-month no interest, and double reward points (4%) so that just about covered taxes. ST50's seem to be getting scarce and I wasn't going to chance it. Good Luck!!!
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haha thanks I wish xbl felt the same way
I was trying to get a deal on black friday but they didnt have any on the panasonic and then I waited for christmas and didnt have any either so i am probly goin to get it soon especially if they will price match pauls.
what did you do to get them to price match pauls tv? the tv is listed 1299 at my store
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