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Using a cheaper receiver as a decoder and Switcher? Doable?

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Hey guys,

I have a Denon 5805 behemoth that i got on ebay for $1,000. Many of you know it, 170w x 10 ch etc, flagship that originally was $6,000.

It does not do TrueHD etc so im wondering if its feasable to by a lesser reciever with TrueHD decoding and possible multiple hdmi outs and ins and use it as a decoder and switcher?

Take the pre-outs and put it into the 5805?

At the moment using a Dune H1 5.1 that does LPCM decode (They say 7.1 but it doesnt) to a splitter that goes to the 5805 and a JVC RS40.

Love to hear some thoughts.
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http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=230714822295&fromMakeTrack=true&ssPageName=VIP:watchlink:top: Would something like this work?
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Thanks, interesting peice of gear had never seen that before...almost there except it doesn't decode TrueHD or DTS Master. Trying to futureproof myself here and not reply onndevices being able to decode to LPCM...
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Just get a blu ray player with analoge outs and have the player do the decoding. Go with an OPPO, they have top notch DAC's.
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Also found this:


But it doesnt decode TrueHD/DTS Master either
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Originally Posted by cembros View Post

Just get a blu ray player with analoge outs and have the player do the decoding. Go with an OPPO, they have top notch DAC's.

Im file based using a Dune player H1 with a library on a HTPC. The Dune Max for $500 has analogue out but i cheaped out a H1 as Dune claimed it decoded 7.1, which as i understand it most of the time it doesnt or can't."
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Your 5.1 versus 7.1 problems probably stem from having an original AVR-5805, not the AVR-5805 Mk2 or AVR-5805ci. The original 5805 apparently only supported 5.1 digital audio, you need one of the later revisions to get 7.1 over HDMI. You'll be limited to 5.1 discrete channels plus Dolby ProLogic IIx to generate the surround backs over any digital input.

I don't really see the point of trying to use your AVR-5805 by connecting to another receiver's pre-outs. You might as well sell the AVR-5805 and and buy a external power amp to connect the to other receiver's pre-outs.

Assuming that the receiver is the reason why you're only getting 5.1 PCM over HDMI, and it's not the fault of your Dune player then a simple HDMI 7.1 PCM to analogue converter like the product your already found or the AT-HD570 is your best bet. You're not going to find a cheap converter box that can decode DTS-HD or Dolby TrueHD. Even AV receivers with multichannel pre-outs aren't cheap.
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Hey Ross,

In fact its both. The Denon won't do 7.1 via HDMI as you said, but its also the Dune H1, others on the forum have told me although Dune claims it does do a 7.1 decode, it does not.

To be honest I didnt realise the when I bought the 5805 i have that there were so many different flavours of the 5805. Its a great receiver and im on a budget so i'll work around it.
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What content do you have on your dune that is 7.1 dtshdma or dolby true hd?
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Playing Blu-Ray .iso and folders.
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gotcha. That receiver you have is a beauty. If I were you I would look at replacing the dune player. Your issue sounds to me like owning a ferrari and buying a honda civic to drive you to and from work b/c the ferrari doesn't have a cd player.
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IMO the difference between standard DD and HD-DD isn't great enough to warrant buying a bunch of gear in an attempt to cobble a sound system together for it. I'd go with the suggestion for an Oppo player. They have preamp out jacks and decode HD sounds internally. Many other players also do this - its just that Oppo seems to do it better. I love my Oppo player. As I said - my opinion only. For that $1000 you paid for an AVR that can't decode what you want to hear you could have bought an Onkyo NR818 and had over $300 left over to buy some BR-DVD's. And some beer!
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Knucklehead i hear ya but the quality of the 5805 is superb. Got it hooked up to Quad L series 22/12/11/C with two subs.

The Dune is an awesome player, should have got the Dune Duo which has 7.1 out, thats all. My library is hard drive based so i need a media player.
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You sound like a candidate for an HTPC (I like XBMC, but everyone has their biases) or an Oppo BD Player much more than a candidate for a new AVR. After spending time with several "media players" I've found that most try to do too much with limited hardware or underdeveloped software. Most people are either better off going with basic functionality that works well, or moving up to a true HTPC if they really want to do it all.

The Oppo will give you basic file playback and top notch hardware, all of which will (more or less) just work.

An HTPC will give you the ability to configure everything do exactly what you want and look exactly how you want, but with some effort involved. You'll want to find or build an HTPC with 7.1 analog outputs to overcome the limitations of your AVR... otherwise, you can go as minimal or as hog-wild as your budget, time, and functionality desires dictate.
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Thanks Stephen,

Was HTPC for the last 8 years, will never go back. Driver issues, updates, the 24fps stutter issue etc etc

The Dune is free of all of that, plays native 23.96 or whatever it is, etc etc

Only thing it can't do is frame packed 3D, it will play side by side.
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Get the OPPO BDP-103 or BDP-105, feed the HDMI of the Dune (LPCM only) into the OPPO's HDMI input, then output the 7.1 analog sound out of the back of the OPPO directly into the 7.1 input of the AVR-5805. Viola!!
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