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Denon 1713 Overheats with music easily?

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I have been having a problem since I got the receiver in April. It seems like if I play music at any higher level for about 20 minutes it ends up overheating and shutting down. This has yet to happen during movies, and that is with it louder than when playing music 90% of the time

Now I dont have it in an ideal place, because I am limited to it being in my the middle shelf of my glass entertainment center. I have about 6 inches of room on its left (me facing receiver), 4 inches above, and alot of room to the right. It seems if I play any music -10 or louder on the receiver for a short period of time it overheats.

I am only powering energy take classic speakers all around and a VTF 15H sub. I will say I am fairly new to the HT aspect of things hence the tiny satellites and big subwoofer. Bought the speakers when I was just planning on having speakers in the room. But this stuff grows on you fast and is addicting haha.

I have really been itching lately to update my speakers to some better equipment, maybe some bookshelves or floorstanding, and a good center channel, but this overheating issue just running these tiny speakers leads me to believe that may not be possible with this receiver.

Is this a normal deal with my receiver or could there possibly be something wrong? Or is it just that my receiver being in somewhat tight quarters just needs to breath some more?
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Those small speakers aren't really designed for such loud speaker volume levels in general. However, to troubleshoot further, does a door cover the cabinet shelf? If yes, leave it open while using the AVR. D you have all speakers set to SMALL with crossovers set to about 100Hz or higher after running Audyssey? When the unit shuts down in protection mode, is the power ring flashing every 1/2 second (speaker wire crossing) or every 2 seconds (ventilation). If the former, visually check all speaker wire connections at the back of the AVR ensure there are no loose strands from one post touching another post. Pull if out of the cabinet if you have to as this is the #1 most often cause for your experience.

Also note there is a dedicated thread just for Denon AVR-XX13 Owners linked in my sig. Be sure to review posts #3-6 in that thread for additional helpful information.
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No doors, it is just a wide tv stand with two bottom shelves, completely Open front and back, other than the back being close to the wall. Audyssey set all my speakers to small and originally set the speaker crossovers to 90hz, I went in and manually set them to 110 for all speakers. The light from seeing it flashing yesterday seemed as though it was the 2 second interval.

Being that the tv sits on the stand above the shelf the receiver is on, along with the center and left and right speakers on the top of the stand as well I have no room to place the receiver up there.

So you say it could be the speakers just don't have the power or efficiency to play those volume levels, which I assume in turn causes the amp in the receiver to be used harder than normal?

I want to add that when this happens I put my hand on top of the receiver and it feels pretty hot, so I assume it has to be overheating
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Correct. The AVR is indeed overheating which is why the 2 sec power ring flash. Although based on your description there would seem to be enough ventilation, you may want to try using a PC fan (USB or otherwise, coolerguys.com) to pull the heated air from the top of the AVR. A good test prior to this purchase would be to simply pull the AVR out of the cabinet and temporarily place it on top of the stand (or in another otherwise completely open location). If the unit doesn't power off, then you need a fan, otherwise if it still does then just lower the master volume to a level that doesn't cause it to power off (eg. -20db).
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Im having EXACTLY the same issue as the OP:


I was having my crossovers at 80, now thanks to this threadI know it should be 100.

I was told in the other thread that my denon 1713 was to weak though.

Jdsmoothie would it help for the OP and me to upgrade to better speakers like the Klipsch RB-51 II and RC-52 II to solve our problem?

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If you want more volume ... yup as the AVR has more than enough power.
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