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HD signal to projector question

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This is kind of a very specific situation and after an hour of googling I could not find much.

Watch HD over the air on basic local stations on my projector (Playoff game, woo!). I have no cable provider and everything I watch streams over my PC, gaming consoles, or is physical media/pre-loaded. NFL doesn't do live streaming so that is out.

Optoma GT700 projector which has the following inputs: HDMI, PC Input, RS-232, S-video, r/w/y

I don't currently have a receiver or home theater audio setup it is just an HDMI splitter, my projector, consoles, and PC. Eventually I would like the home theater but that is for another thread. Is there any simple or cheap (under $50) solution to just get those basic TV stations for the rare times when I want to watch live TV? Antenna that could plug right in, simple converter box (I have a basic VHS/UHF ant)? I found some USB PC tuner and I could just make the projector the monitor but those seem like they are a little pricey.

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Well, you could buy a used ATSC convert box on eBay under $50.
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A standard converter for $50 is going to be standard def. From examples I've seen, it looks like crap on an HD projector.

There really aren't that many inexpensive options. You can go the internal or USB tuner route, but you're going to have to deal with the PC aspect of the equation.

After that, stand-alone HD ATSC converters can be bought for $100+. The KWorld SA295Q is about the least expensive of the bunch.
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Something like this would work for you.

I use a box similar to it, a sonicview 8000HD - in fact I use 3 of them for HD recording/watching - though my tv has a built in tuner.
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