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RGPC Owners Thread

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I searched these forum threads and did not see an official Richard Gray Power Company (RGPC) Thread. So, I will start one. I started w/ my 1st model 400 conditioner back in 2004.
In early 2006, I upgraded to the model 400 Pro to complement my Sony 34XBR960N HDTV
CRT. I would love to hear from others out there who utilize these outstanding products!
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Somebody is going to say this thread belongs in another category but before someone does I'll say that I love my Pole Pig + RGPC 400 Pro combo . I understand that a power regenerator such as the ones from PS Audio would do a better job at conditioning power but the star cluster of plugging RGPC products into each other has certainly improved my system . I've also read that it is dependent on the quality of the power you have coming off the pole . I originally heard about this product through Widescreen Review and I wanted to try it . Eventually I got my hands on the aforementioned Pole Pig which isolated the front end of the system for some further improvements .
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Hello jillbrazil,

I did research these threads prior to starting this link. Good to hear from you. Currently, I am seeking a Pole Pig as well. It seems that RGPC has discontinued this product. The 400/PP combo is bettered only by the Substation/600 or Substation/1200 combo.
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Any other satisfied RGPC owners out there?
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I have had very good results with the 1200C. it is a tank of a piece of equipment. I recall watching TV during some construction at the house and not a bit of interference despite several saws, tile cutters, etc. and other electrical tools operating at the time.
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