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???Panasonic TC-P42G10 Black screen after "Pop"

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hello-i was watching a cable show last night and i heard a single "pop" sound from my plasma tv. the screen went black and the on/off indicator light was blinking in series of 3. i unplugged the tv, waited a few minutes. tried again and nothing. this morning i tried again and still nothing but a black screen, i can not turn the tv on even though there is power as per indicator light blinking--now in series of 5. no surges, no other abnormalities. called panasonic tech support and got no where but a recommendation to take it in to a not so nearby repair shop. i got assistance from a tech on justanswer and removed the back and checked everything. i did not see anything burnt or unusual to me. does anyone have any idea what may have happened, what the problem may be and what i need to do to fix it? thanks-chris:confused:
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http://tsn.pstc.panasonic.com/PASS/olt/files/Plasma/Gen12/Plasma_12th_Generation_Technical_Guide.pdf slide 33?
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Thanks for the detailed information.
I had 2 blinks, 3 blinks and 5 blinks.
Does anyone know what the cost of repair could/should be by a repair center?
Can it be repaired by an average guy?

It is impressive that plasma screens are supposed to last for many thousands of hours but a shame that these weak links exist in the electronics.
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From slides 37/38 in the information olyteddy previously sent:

2 Blinks SOS: Pin 62 of the CPU IC9003 monitors the 15V line. During normal operation pin 62 is kept high. If the 15V line is missing or shorted, a low is provided to pin 62. As a result, the unit shuts down and the power LED blinks 2 times.

3 Blinks SOS: IC9805 is a 3.3V regulator located on the D board. Its output is monitored by IC9003. If the 3.3V is not present at pin 61, the CPU (IC9003) shuts down the unit. The power LED blinks 3 times.

5 Blinks SOS: Pin 60 of the CPU IC9003 monitors the 5V line. During normal operation, pin 60 is kept high. If the 5V line is missing or shorted, a low is provided to pin 60. As a result, the unit shuts down and the power LED blinks 5 times.

Likely a failure of the P board (e.g. main power supply), which can be verified by checking it's 3.3v, 5v and 15v outputs.

Replacement boards are available (e.g. shopjimmey) for around $100 - $120 and within the realm of a DIY repair.


A service shop may change more for the board (e.g. mark up), plus diagnostic/replacement labor (e.g. likely 2-3X additional).

PS: I have the service manual for the TC-P42G10 and while the screen may be rated for many thousands of hours, it is an older more complex circuit design, with upwards of 1,000 components, anyone of which may fail.
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Thanks very much for all your help.
I contacted shopjimmy.com and spoke to Ajay in tech support.
He was very patient and helpful.
He asked me to disconnect two plugs that helped him determine that i need to replace
3 boards...P, SC and SU.
The SC and SU boards are available but the P board is not available in the US.
There is a seller who offers it but they are overseas with a shipping charge of $25.
And i do not want to get into dealing with an overseas seller if there is a problem.

I decided to take my plasma to a local repair facility (not the one panasonic recommended that was much further away)
that repairs panasonic plasmas.
They charge a $30 fee to diagnose and come up with an estimate for repair (the panasonic repair facility charges $60).
I was surprised to see so many TVs waiting to be repaired.

I am anxious to find out what will be involved in repair and overall cost.

Thanks again.
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Would be curious knowing what you found out.
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After 13 days in the shop, i just got an estimate back from the technician.
The SC board needs to be replaced...
Cost of new SC board $150
Labor charge $100
Total of $250 minus $30 diagnostic fee.

He said it would take about 5 days for him to get the new SC board.
There is a 90 warranty for this work.

I have been trying to locate a new SC board since my tv went bad but no luck anywhere.

Does all this make sense and are the charges "fair" ?

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