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STRDA3700ES streams Netflix 1080P?

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Just started shopping for a receiver. I'm on a budget, so I was looking up craigslist and found a Sony STRDA3700ES for $475. Honestly not dead set on it. But if it can do the following I'd be motivated:

-I have a Sony BD player and TV. I like how the turn each other on and off. It would be cool if the receiver also did some some lazy stuff.

-Mentioned sony gear already streams Netflix, but not at 1080P, 5.1, and has old GUI. Will this new receiver stream 1080P and let me choose subtitles, etc (new GUI stuff).

-I have a Dell Inspiron 660 and the intel video can output at 23,24,59,60 herz. Can the receiver handle this?

Googling these "requirements", I couldn't really find the answers.
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According to the specifications on Sony's website it only supports video streaming up to 720x480, so it probably doesn't stream Netflix at 1080p.

It supports HDMI CEC, so it will be able to do some "lazy sutff", though CEC doesn't always do what you want it to.

It should work fine with your Dell, those are standard 1080p refresh rates.
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Thank you! I did look through that specs page. You're referring to the Network Features section? It says:
Video Format : MPEG-2 PS, MPEG-1 PS, MPEG-4, AVCHD, Xvid, WMV??Resolution: up to 720x480?

I appreciate their use of question marks. I guess I was thinking this applied to video files you have on file shares on your LAN. But maybe Netflix too. We don't really have anything else to go on however.

I also need to consider keeping my Yamaha receiver too. There's really nothing wrong with it, and I really don't have the funds. Since my Yamaha doesn't do HDMI, I do it all in the TV input switching, and and BD has toslink out. My computer has HDMI only for the audio, so the TV only passes 2 channel to the receiver. But I understand I could use a USB to S/PDIF dongle to get multichannel. I actually tried a Turtle Beech adapter, and 2 channel worked under Windows 8 simply by plugging it in, but its device drivers to enable multi-channel would not install (not ready for Win8 yet).

I have tried out the Netflix app on Windows 8, but I can't really tell what kind of stream I'm getting. According to http://support.netflix.com/en/node/2490 it is 1080p, though some HD programming looked better streaming through my BD player at 720. By the way, I also streamed this through the W8 app and tried 23 and 24 fps in the Intel video output, and it looked terrible. I also was wowed by a video file playing in VLC whose properites showed 23.976 fps. I couldn't tell which (23 or 24) video out looked better. Why the 2 outputs, by the way?

I also read a review that the software on the Sony receiver is buggy, and interrupts video and sound. Sounds like a potential cluster you know what. If kind folks here can recommend another well-rated, good-value HDMI Sony receiver with CEC (probably can be assumed). Easy to use would be nice too. I often forgot how to operate things on my Yamaha, and they have all these useless, cluttered features.
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