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Onkyo TX-NR 1008 issues

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Hello all I am new to the forum. I am having a issue with my receiver. The amps are not kicking on properly I am pretty sure. The click sound shortly after turning on, that seems to engage the speakers no longer happens and the speakers no longer emit sound. All of the other features of the receiver seem to be operating properly. The display showing which of the speakers even seems to show properly that no speakers are being powered. This problem started about a month ago and I have had this receiver for about 2 years making its warranty invalid. Unfortunately no repair shops here will even look at it and I would be forced to try to ship this beast off to get it fixed.

I have a couple questions now that all of that information is out of the way. First , any ideas on how I could fix my problem with the amp switching on? Secondly, would it be feasible to use it's pre-outs and a number of external amps? Simply put this was a high end receiver that cost me a good deal of money I would like to continue using it. If that is not possible or economically unreasonable then I am interested in suggestions for a new amp. Right now I am leaning towards Sony or a Pioneer elite if I need to buy a new receiver.

All help is appreciated and thanks in advance.

PS: I have a 7.2 setup that is currently... running 5.0 on a old receiver(sony mid/low-end receiver probably 4 years old)

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Well I hooked up a powered set of speakers to the left right terminals and they are not working. From what I have read it would seem I am best writing off the receiver. Now I suppose I need to make a decision and would appreciate the help of you experts and enthusiast. I am using my Sony that I had before my Onkyo quit working. I have had a string of bad luck with my receivers and seem to have to upgrade or replace them on about two year intervals. Having the same type of issues with my TV has resulted in no money for speakers. Here is what I am currently running..

Sony STR-DN1000
My front left and right are Cerwin Vega 3-ways 15in Woof , 6in midrange and 1inch tweeter (couple hundred apiece 15 years ago)

Center speaker is a Cerwin Vega (4-ohm) speaker with 2 6inch mid/woofer and a 1 in ferro cooled tweeter. It is over 15 years old. Nice speaker but not sure if the 4 ohm could cause issues.

Rear speakers are a cheap KLM's from Best Buy. they have 1 12 inch passive subwoofer , 1 12 inch woofer a 6 inch midrange and 1 inch tweeter.

Now I have my income tax return to blow which should be around a thousand dollars. I can usually muster up a few hundred to pair with this for whatever I choose to purchase. Since swapping back to my Sony I feel like I can tell a noticeable difference. It may have to do with my hastily swap out of my Onkyo to my Sony. So I am considering reconnecting it to make sure I have all the wires making proper contact. I really want to buy new speakers. The primary reason I changed out the Sony was because I needed the 3-d pass-through capability. I had my income tax return and spent it on this Onkyo which now is kaput. So should I purchase speakers with my income tax return or should I purchase a new receiver suggestions on either would be welcome. My town offers little access to high end sound equipment so I will likely be making purchase through the internet.

speakers I am considering (budget 1200 or less)
Klipsch WF-35 Icon-W Series Cabernet Floorstanding Loudspeaker 350.00 apiece (2 for fronts)
RTi12 Cherry Tower Loudspeaker Speaker Polk Audio 375.00 apiece (2 for fronts)

If I should go with a receiver I am open to any suggestions preferably 1200 or less. Onkyo I would prefer to stay away from but if consensus is they have their problems worked out then I will consider them. Right now I am leaning towards Denon, Marantz, Pioneer, or Yamaha.
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Hi Scorpiontsi,

I wish I had a solution for you with my reply, but unfortunatly at this time I don't.

It's so ironic, that I came across your post. I too have an identical problem to yours. My 1008 unit is almost the same age as yours (bought it in 2010). I tried everything one can imagine without any success. When I first noticed that amps weren't engaging on power up, I pretty much new It was all downhill form there. I also noticed that the Update Firmware selection in the set up options is not selectable anymore (grayed out). I too couldn't believe that this high end Onkyo unit would just fail like this after a couple of years. I must have spent 3 months researching and comparing between comparable units from Yamaha, Sony, Denon, Marantz, Pioneer, and many others and now feel pretty let down by Onkyo. I had Yamaha 900 AVR prior to this Onkyo, and I ran it hard for about 10 years w/o any issues, including it making through 3 different moves between states, apartments and my house.

I am not sure if I caused this problem by driving my Anthony Gallo Strada 5 system, which contains 5 x 6 ohm Impedance speakers and 300 Watt powered sub (which would not put load on integrated amps). I have a couple of other troubleshooting ideas I am going to try before completely dumping this unit.
1. Disconnect all wiring from the unit, and I mean ALL. Power it back up, go through processor reset, try to update firmware and connect just 2 speakers to see if I can drive them. If it still fails to drive, I will take it appart to see if amp coils show discoloration. Which would indicate hard failure.
2. I will also check out DAC. Reason being I suspect the DAC failure is that none of the sound modes, including 2ch modes are driving any speakers.

Although considering what I am learning about the Onkyo AVR's from 2010-2011 issue, a lot of the units had major problems. http://www.amazon.com/Onkyo-TX-NR1008-9-2-Channel-Network-Receiver/product-reviews/B003PGR130/ref=cm_cr_pr_hist_1?ie=UTF8&filterBy=addOneStar&showViewpoints=0

Stay tuned and good luck on your next purchase. I think I will be Yamaha bound again.rolleyes.gif
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Sounds like you both have failed HDMI boards. Check out the threads dedicated to the TX-NR808 and the TX-NR3008/5008. Onkyo has been covering repair even though the warranty is expired. The same problem happens on the XX07 series, and they are still covering those. Contact Onkyo and you should get many more years out of your AVR's... Alternatively, check ebay and you will find a guy repairing the HDMI board for about $90. Either way, much cheaper than buying another AVR.
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Two years for an Onkyo sounds about right. My TX-NR3008 failed a couple of weeks ago, after 25 months. I'm replacing it with a Pioneer SC-1522-K, 1 grand at Amazon. The 1522 will drive 4 ohms -- I'm using it now with 3 Axiom 4 ohm speakers: M80, M80, VP180. Sounds nice.
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Thanks GoatLocker,

Was very suprised, although pleasantly, to read your post about Onkyo repairing free of charge outside of warantee. I was about contact their NJ service provider. If in fact they step up to the plate and fix the issue free, I will give them kudos, but only if it will stay fixed.

Thanks for your feedback, much helpful.
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Just received an authorization from ONKYO USA to take my TX-NR1008 to a lical authorized service center here in Clearwater Fl. So I took it in this afternoon. They told me they have seen quite a few comethrough with the same HDMI board problem and it will be about a week to repair.

Stay tune for update. I hope they come through and I don't have to drop another grand for a new unit.
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