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Onkyo SR608 Upgrade to NR616 is it woth it?

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Hello Guys,

I am shopping for a new TV. Planning to get the LG 47LM8600/ 42LM7610, any suggestion here? While looking out I found that there is a promotion with Onkyo to upgrade my receiver from SR608 to NR616. I currently have the Jamo S606-HCS3 package with the 608.

I would like to know if it is worth the upgrade from 608 to 616? What will be the main benefits? The LM8600 is a smart tv and I guess supports network Play. I am also planning to get a Boxee or AppleTV. In this case is it worth the receiver upgrade?

I need to make this decision ASAP. Any help is appreciated.

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The major differences are in the video processing (basic Faroujda DCDi vs. Marvell QDEO), Audyssey Dynamic EQ, and the network features (streaming audio, dlna audio, iphone/ipad control). You'll have plenty of other sources for network content and you don't mention any analog/interlaced sources to make use of the better video processing. Both are HDMI 1.4 capable for 3D if that is of any concern to you.

Depending on the out-of-pocket cost (what you pay for the NR616 minus what you sell your SR608 for), it's probably not worth the cost and effort. All in all, it sounds like a very marginal upgrade that will yield little if any benefit. The only basis I would really consider it viable is if the out-of-pocket cost is extremely minimum and then really only to extend your current warranty coverage.
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I currently own a denon 3311 and bought the onkyo 515 assuming it has manual eq but its not so after days of reasearch I decided to step up to the 616 im which has manual eq, 3 stage inverter, 20 more watts per channel and thx.

But then I keep reading and was thinking in getting the pioneer 1122. Yesterday I met someone who has the pioneer 1021 and the audio was impressive. Most people think audessy xt is far better thsn mcacc. But this model (1021, 1121, 1122, 1222 and above al well as most elite version has advanced mcacc in which is quite different from mcacc plain.

If you like to eq yourself then this is the way to go. You can eq your sub as well as each speaker. The ipad app for this receivers is awesome.

The onkyo 616 and the the pioneer 1122 costs more likely the same but if you want a great offer at newegg and get the pioneer 1222 for $599 in which has d3 amps. I have to say the onkyo 515 audio is excellent for its price. But I understand the pioneer would be better buy.
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