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Speaker B

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I just returned a Sony amp I purchased last week and exchanged it for the Pioneer VSX-42. The reason I exchanged the amp is because I want to listen to music through my exterior patio speakers via Speaker B. Speaker A will be used solely for the television. Unfortunately, I was told by the salesperson that the Sony had this option, but it wasn't the case. Anyway, I have my two exterior speakers ran into Speaker B but there is no sound. I am thinking this has to to with a setting. Can someone help me?

Also, I am having a difficult time understanding the "Surround Back" and "Height" setting. Perhaps someone can elaborate on these two settings.


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Not familiar with the model, but am with the concept. The VSX-42 is a 7.1 AVR which means the AVR can power a 5.1 setup in the main zone plus 2 more speakers which can be used as either "Surround Back" (ie. rear speakers), "Front Height" (ie. speakers placed in the ceiling above the FL/FR speakers", or "Front B" (more often used when a second set of FL/FR speakers is used for music listening only, although can also be used to place a set of speakers in another room to play the same source as is selected in the main zone). There is likely a setting which allows you to select one of these three options (see Owner's manual).
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