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Need some help setting my LG 42LM5800

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Hello all. I'm new to the forum and just recently purchased a 42" LG 3DTV. 42LM5800

I have no idea where to start! lol I looked around AVS and didn't find any reviews related to the 42LM5800 nor were their any threads regarding this particular model. I guess it's not that good or it's not that popular?

How should I re-calibrate or setup my TV?
Do I need to purchase a disc? If so what disc should I purchase?

Anything I should know or be aware of for this particular TV? Anything I should do before or shouldn't do while setting it up?

So far I have my HD-PVR/HD-Cable box, HDMI cables and a PS3(for Blu-Ray). Anything else I should purchase and need to get the full experience(3D as well)?

Thanks in advance guys! Cheers!
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No one can lend a hand? frown.gif
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I have this TV and I love it. It sounds like you should have everything you need. For true 3D you must have a 3D movie disc. Or you could enable the "2D to 3D" mode for everything else, but the effect won't be as dramatic. Press the 3D button on the remote, then click OK on "2D to 3D" then just let it do all the default options (or experiment with those options). As far as calibration goes, I didn't use a disc but here are my settings. You can use these same settings whether you are using "Standard" or "Game" or "Sport" modes and they will all look the same. It will probably look dim to you at first, but only in comparison to the overly bright settings that it usually defaults with. My goal was to get it as bright and vivid as possible without it burning my eyes.

backlight: 45
contrast: 80
brightness: 45
sharpness: 50 (or 70 if you prefer)
color: 65
tint: 0
color temp: 0
Advanced controls:
dynamic contrast: medium
dynamic color: low
clear white: off
skin color: 0
noise reduction: off
digital noise reduction: off
gamma: medium
black level: low
eye care: off
real cinema: on
color gamut: wide
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Thanks for the response and help pooslinger!

for the 2D -> 3D option, what exactly do I need to watch for some 3D effects? HD Sports or Blu-Ray movies?
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For the 2D to 3D option, you can be watching absolutely anything from any source to use this feature. Just click the 3D button, then click 2d to 3d and accept the default settings. The only thing you need at this point, is to simply put on the 3D glasses. But if you want to see something that was actually filmed in 3D, you'll have to play a 3D blu-ray disc in your ps3 thru an hdmi cable.
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