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Hello AVS Forum members,

I just got the Epson 3020e for my bedroom, fixed it up with a 120" fixed screen from elite. I need a short wooden stand to hold all peripherals (Cable box, Blu-ray, Apple TV and the wireless HD box to the projector.) Can you guys recommend a good wooden stand that is not too tall. I want something short and wide to go alone with the general look of the room(preferably traditional.). Anything taller will obstruct the screen and the potential sound bar that is being planned for under the screen.

Also, any recommendations on a good sound bar for a 24x15 room for the projector?

PS: I have already tried the Bose sound bar as there are too many problems with it, I want something that has good sound with which I can play some audio too when i don't want to have the projector. Something for less than 700 dollars.