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Subwoofer placement on a tier?

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First, my current config: Onkyo TX-NR709 receiver with 7.1 surround (2 - Paradigm Studio 80's with Studio Reference Center Channel and Cinema 330's for surround channels. I'm using some old Sony HTIB speakers for surround back and an old KSW10 Subwoofer). Obviously, my speakers have been pieced together a little randomly but I've been generally happy.

I just bought the Klipsch RW12D subwoofer to try to fix the "boomy" sound from my current sub. I'm hoping to add the new subwoofer and move to 7.2 (although I'm expecting to turn the old sub way down and just use to "fill in" LFE towards the front of the room since I've got a major kink in my theater floorplan -- see below.)

I have a tier supporting the second row seating and my current sub is in the front left (just ahead of the bench). I was planning to leave that sub there and placing the new sub on the tier at the rear right of the room. My concern is that the tier isn't carpeted (1" Plywood) and is "hollow". (Much like the design in this link http://www.hometheaterforum.com/t/312919/multi-tier-riser-construction but with the first level just being a step.

Should I place the subwoofer somewhere else / off the tier for best results? Thanks for your input!

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Based upon the diagram I'd guess the boominess you're experiencing from your current sub is due to the fact that it's probably cranked pretty high in order to compensate for the size of your room, which is really far too larger for it. The RW-12d should definitely help in that regard, but tuning disparate subwoofers is not the easiest thing to do I'm afraid. Getting them in sync is often a challenge.

Unfortunately ideal placement depends upon a multitude of factors, so it's not really something anyone can say without seeing the room itself. You really need to place them in several locations and see which sounds best, but one thing you might want to consider is placing the KSW 10 close to the listeners and the RW-12d someplace else. Since you're considering keeping the KSW turned down maybe near-field is the best location for that, and then the RW-12d can become the workhorse and be placed somewhere that it will produce the most output.

If you find that the ideal placement has them facing each other then the one pointing away from the listeners might need to have it's phase set for 180 degrees, otherwise it probably won't sound right.
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I agree that the poor sound from my current sub is because it's turned up too loud. I was thinking that it would be preferable to have the better sub closer to the listener (especially since the bench and kinked room design seems to shield some of the bass from reaching the back part of the room.) However, I'll try it both ways and report back when it's here. (I appreciate the advice about setting the phase as well -- I hadn't thought about that!)

My main concern was whether placement of either sub on the bare wood of the tier would cause any major sonic issues. It would appear from your response that this concern isn't valid.

Thanks for your input!
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The subwoofer is not going to radiate bass waves properly from a raised area; it needs to be on the main floor. The transition from one level to another will totally break up and disrupt the bass.

Do not try to use those two subs together. You old one will just conflict with the new one and you will never sort that out satisfactorily.

The new one should be powerful enough to do a pretty good job, if you place it correctly.
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I guess the only way to truly tell will be to give it a try. I may end up just replacing the old unit in the same spot. Thanks for your input!
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