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Screen Recommendation

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I wanted to get some feedback on screens for a decent price.

- 120"
- Completely light controlled room so 1.0 gain????
- Wall mounted
- Deep matte purple walls (almost black)
- White ceiling, but possibly will put some fabric etc to darken it.
- Using it with an Epson 3010
- $300 max unless there is reason to go above.

Should I got with Jamestown or an Elite Sable:


Also, how much of a price difference and quality difference are AT screens? Can I get the same quality from AT vs non-AT? I don't have to go AT but I like the idea of my center being in the middle of the screen for more accurate sound.
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I'm convinced that this is the same screen that I bought from htdepot.com about 2 years ago for close to twice the price. It has been excellent for me. Never has had any wrinkes or waves and is quiet. I don't know how you could beat it for a budget screen. I use it with my Viewsonic Pro8100 and for the last year my Epson 3010. JMHO


Hope this helps. Good luck!

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