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Yamaha Receiver RX-A720 question

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Hi, I'm new here but have been lurking for quite some time. At the end of last year I purchased the Yamaha RX-A720 and love it. Recently my Dad was in town and when I wasn't home, he was playing with the receiver and some how changed a setting and it's driving me crazy. When I boot up the receiver it use to always default to Scene2 TV and the sound would work fine. Now, when I turn on the receiver and the TV, it goes to TV Viewing but then defaults to AUDIO1. After I hit the TV SCENE button again, it will go to TV Viewing, sound will work and then for a 2nd time, go back to AUDIO1. I'm not sure what I'm missing but it's really bugging me that I can't figure out how to get it back to just turn it on without it going to AUDIO1 twice before working properly. Hopefully some can give me a hand, it would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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Set the input and surround mode you want using either the remote or front panel. Hold down Scene2 TV on the front panel of the receiver for ~5 seconds. Those settings will now be stored under Scene2.
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Thank you for the reply but unfortunately that didn't work. It still goes to AUDIO1 twice.

I have been playing with this thing for a couple hours now. Is there a way to hard reset the whole system? I am at a stand still. I know it's minor but it's driving me crazy.
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Is audio1 set up as the audio in for that connection ?HDMI. You'd have to change that in the set up menu.
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I played with the menu quite a bit and couldn't find anything but I'll try and check the menu again when I get home from work and see if I can find a setting within the receiver. I think I understand what you are asking, I'll try and see what I can find again.

Update: My HDMI1: Audio In is checked with HDMI1. Not Audio1.
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Hi Meyer23, possible receiver HDMI Control has been turned on or the tv HDMI Control is turned on.
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I'm having the same problem as the original poster. I have HDMI Control turned on, because when I use Netflix on my SmartTv, I want the audio to play through ARC.

However, the Yamaha always sets the audio input as AV4 when I turn it on, when instead it should be using HDMI2.

Is there a way to use HDMI Control & ARC - and have automatically set it to HDMI2 for input? Or maybe there's a better way to configure this?
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I forgot what I did to fix the problem originally but what what I ended up doing was using an Optical Cable and now it works fine. It defaults to AV4 but that is the correct connection for the Optical cable.

The issue I've had since I got the unit is when watching a program (recorded or live) is the sound constantly glitches or cuts out for a second or two, then goes back to normal. While I thought it was the new X1 box I got from Comcast, they assure me after about 3-4 trips out that my signal is absolutely perfect. What I tried was when the sound cuts out or glitches, I rewind it. What I find is that if it was the box, the glitch/sound cutting out should still be there, correct? Because it would have been recorded. It's not though. If I get a glitch or freeze in audio, rewind it, it's gone. That's what leads me to believe there is some type of connect issue between the X1 box and the Receiver. Just curious if anyone has a suggestion or anything at all that would help. I've been through the CD and the menu with no luck. Thank you.
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