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4 ohm to 2 ohm

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hello my name is mike hedges
im from st clair shores michigan
i love my 94 dodge dakota, but it died so now i have a 2002 chrysler concorde and i got my subs in it!
2 xfl 1544s. i love them, but i definitely need more power for them to run great
i love good sound, music is my life, along with mechatronics(programming robots and stuff)
so since im not a super rich person, i started this thing with
those are the three i have so far
thanks for everything ive gotten so far just the sticker and wiring but it gets better as it goes!
im trying to get farther along so i can make my newer car sound great
on the inside for now anyways haha
i have drumming videos(music) and videos of my truck coming soon on my youtube www.youtube.com/user/thormejh
and also they post videos for me, this is my latest-->
i show how to wire a 4 ohm speaker to 2 ohm, not a big deal, but some people might want to know how, i also say how to wire 4 to 8 ohm, but i didnt really explain it to well if you have any questions i can answer them though! you just have to make the videos as short as you can so they arent to boring!

the videos arent very exciting yet, but better stuff is on the way!
so let me know if you have any questions!
mikenthor@gmail.com is my email i check it every 5 minutes haha
i hope to make some friends on this site so i can get help if i need it!
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Thee mike hedges from st clair shores michigan!?
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I prefer to leave the spam in the can.
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