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Noise In Subwoofer Caused by Powerline Networking Adapter?

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I recently purchased a XyTel 200MBps powerline networking adapter kit to get internet to my home theater components, as they do not all have WiFi and I don't have an easy way to hardwire ethernet cables from where my modem comes in to the computer. I use it primarily to stream HD video from Hulu and Amazon through my PS3. I've found that I get good connection speeds and have had no problems streaming video, but I've noticed that since plugging in the adapter, I'm getting static-y line noise through my subwoofer. The sub is plugged into the 2nd outlet in the same wall box that the networking adapter is in, and the noise seems to be directly proportional to data transfers. When watching tv, it's not noticeable since the sound just drowns it out, but if I dont have the TV or music on, i can hear it buzzing through the sub. It's just loud enough to be annoying if I'm sitting close to the sub. I do NOT get noise through the rest of my HT system, which is plugged into a different outlet in the living room.

Has anyone else encountered anything like this? Short of just moving the adapter to a different plug away from the subwoofer, is there anything I can do to eliminate this? I would assume that some sort of power line conditioner device would do the same thing, but it would be significantly cheaper to buy a longer ethernet cable and move the adapter to a different plug.
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I don't have any experience with powerline adapters, but obviously ethernet cables are dirt cheap. Therefore, it would be less expensive to move the adapter and run a longer cable. Since your own senses seem to be pointing to the powerline adapter being the problem, I would go with that as my primary hypothesis to test. Based on your description, I think the hypothesis about the powerline adapter being the problem is a good one. I think the real question is whether the problem lies in the proximity of the adapter or whether it is a problem simply being on the same circuit (since it's likely all of the outlets in that room are on the same circuit). But a longer ethernet cable again, is a cheap way to test it.

Buying a power conditioner would be my last option. My second option would be to run a wireless bridge that "catches" your wifi signal and converts it back to wired ethernet. That would eliminate the powerline adapter completely.
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So I finally got around to moving the power line adapter to a different outlet and running a longer ethernet cable. It seems to have helped a fair amount, but there is still a very faint buzz through the sub when there are data transfers going on.

Do you guys think this is any sort of EMI that could potentially be filtered out? Could a different product like a MOCA adapter be better, (if those things even still exist)?
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I have both. Family room has Netgear Powerline adapter plugged in the same circuit as Klipsch subwoofer (2003 model). I get same ticking/buzzing noise as you are describing. Unfortunately, I don't have option to move subwoofer or Powerline Adapter off the same circuit.

I also have MOCA bridge setup in our media room utilizing existing coax and splitter along with a newer Polk subwoofer (2013). I have no interference issues with MOCA and subwoofer (wouldn't expect to since coax is seperate from the power).

For grins, I moved my newer Polk subwoofer from the media room to the family room with Powerline adapter and i DON'T have any buzzing. There may be better circuit protection in the newer Polk. I tried everything I could with Klipsch (using 3-prong adapter to eliminate ground), but nothing would remove the buzzing short of disconnecting it and moving it to the media room.
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