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Hi Folks. This is my first post on here so I apologize if I miss something the first go around. My dilemma is this; I'm giving up on making the family room my main/critical listening area and putting together a new system in the basement. The main reason being I never get to use the room even at moderate levels when my wife is home. Not that I'll get it to the level I want to in the basement but we'll both be happier. I'll get a bump up in volume and she'll get a bump down in volume. I'm also using this as an opportunity to step up on my speakers. I'll be honest. I don't 100% love my speakers, but for the price I paid I'm more than satisfied. I got the Polk RTi's in the family room right after the RTia's came out for dirt cheap and just scored a pair of Polk Lsi9's & Lsi7's for $500 total! That said, I'm sticking with them. Details of the rooms...

Family Room - HT mostly, non-critical listening
Fronts: Polk RTi8
Center: Polk CSi5
Surrounds: Polk RTi4
Sub: Klipsch Reference RW-12d
Receiver: Onkyo TX-SR805

Basement - Music priority, critical listening
Fronts: Polk LSi9
Center: TBD - LSi9, or LSiC, or LSi7
Surrounds: Polk LSi7
Sub: Velodyne dsl4000r
Receiver: TBD

So my question is this. What should I use to power the basement LSi setup? I need to keep this < $500.

Option 1 - Use the Onkyo TX-SR805 for the LSi setup and get something like an Onkyo TX-NR616 for the RTi's. I assume the NR616 will power the RTi's fine in a 23x16 room? Normally listening levels will be low but on occasion it will be turned up. Since the LSi's need a 4ohm amp I think all receivers will be out of budget. The the RTi's sound noticeably different (worse?) on the NR616?

Option 2 - Get something like an Emotiva UPA-500 for the LSi setup connected to a PC. All of my content is from a computer. Will the UPA-500 do the LSi's justice given the speaker's inefficiency? Is this a stupid option relying on a sound card (like an audigy) to source an amp and LSi's? The one advantage here is I would eventually get a pre/pro but is the UPA-500 even a good choice in the long run for the LSi's? I see it as a step to separates but should I wait for a bigger budget?

Option 3 - you tell me smile.gif Other used options <$500?

Thanks in advance for any input.