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Onkyo with sub

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Hi everyone,

I have just upgraded my Yamaha to receiver to a new onkyo 515. I have an Eltax powered sub which worked fine with my old Yamaha receiver. However I can not get my new one to detect it and use it. I believe it to be plugged into the correct input and the power is on as well as the volume is turned it.

When I run the auto set up (with the mic) it does not play any sound and then the pic of the on screen sub is removed.

I can go into the settings and manually add but no sound comes out sill. All of the bass is delivered through my main speakers.

I would appreciate anyone's help with this.


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First visually confirm the sub cable is plugged into one of the two sub pre-outs and not the Zone 2 pre-out next to them .. and if you've done it, do it again. You'd be surprised how many guys just reached around and "thought" they got the sub pre-out only to find they missed. eek.gif Once plugged in to the correct input, then ensure the sub is set to "ON" and not "AUTO" while running the Auto setup routine. With the sub powered on, remove the cable from the sub pre-out and rub your finger over it .... do you hear static from the sub? If no, either the sub or the cable is defective. If yes, unplug the AVR for about 10 minutes and try the Auto Setup again. If still no joy, do the microprocessor reset procedure listed at the beginning of the Troubleshooting section in the Owner's manual.
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Hi Jdsmothie, thanks for the quick reply, followed all of these steps and now works perfectly, not sure which bit fixed it but all is good. Thanks for your help smile.gif
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