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I'm mostly wondering if-
1) Any AV Receiver is even attempting to provide some level of aurel superiority regarding Airplay audio reproduction? (perhaps beyond what Apple TV already does)
2) Is there any Airplay/iTunes interface and/or display advantage provided by any AV Receiver over what Apple does with their current $99 AppleTV?

My entire iTunes LIbrary is Apple Lossless. I did a little research and uncovered this post in MacRumors Forum-

(from steve-p)
"If your music is lossless then Airplay itself does not alter it in any way. Airplay audio has always been converted to lossless on the fly anyway, it is designed to not degrade the audio at all. However, ATV2 and 3 can only output 48KHz and not 44.1KHz, so your 44.1KHz lossless audio is reaching ATV exactly as it is on your computer, but then ATV is converting it to 48KHz for no obvious reason. The effect may be negligible or inaudible, nevertheless nearly every sample is needlessly interpolated compared to the source recording. It's still better than any lossy codec of course, and it probably doesn't produce any audible difference, but it would be good if Apple would stop doing this pointless conversion, and just output the 44.1Khz audio, like ATV1 did. Then everyone would be happy."