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Mid Century Modern Home Theater build

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I've always wanted a theater room, however, the home that i purchased 2 years back, did not have anywhere to install one. Mainly watching movies.

My home is a mid century modern home, that sits on top of a hill in california. Outside my home, there is a patio that is unused, and i spoke to my wife and we decided it would be great to build out this room to increase our SQFT, and in the process, I get to build my theater room.

The main objective of this room was to be able to enjoy the beauty of the valley and the mountains, while being able to convert the room into a theater room as well. The style needed to be clean and simple to match the rest of the home. I wanted the screen to be in the ceiling when not in use.

Last year, I started working on the project with my architect and engineers on how I could build out the room. The space we had was around 630sqft, 38 feet long by 16 feet wide.

The project has taken a lot longer than expected due to permits and county. I am finishing up my 2nd round of plans and will be submitting them for approval. Hopefully I can break ground in the next 2 months!

Here is a list of items that the room will have:

Epson 5020 Projector
Receiver ( either Pioneer NR-1009 or Yamaha RX-A2010BL: both are 9.2 receivers)
2xPolk 70 fronts
1xPolk CS2 Mid
4xPolk RC60i for sides
2xPolk OMW5 for rears

For my sub, I have not yet decided one which one. I currently have 2 BIC PL200 in my living room only one is being used. I may move the 2 into this theater room and get another for the living room, or find a 15" one.

The setup for the sides and rear speakers needed to be hidden or very unnoticeable. I am sacrificing some SQ for aesthetics.

One thing I didn't mention is that this room, 2 full walls are floor to ceiling glass. Because it is floor to ceiling glass, external light is an issue. My plans are to install automated rolling shades. I am currently considering a full blackout or a 1% mesh shade.

Attached are some of the renderings and layout of the room. The back of the room may have a small table for cards etc.
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Here is a picture of the existing area ( the patio will be knocked down)

Pictures of renderings:

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I've always liked modern. One vote on the blackout over the 1%. The darker material color the better to reduce in room reflections I see an awful lot of white in the renderings which will have some effect on your screen image quality.
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Yah I know, lots of white. Trying to balance the theater and the room style. Another issue I need to figure out is how to reduce the sound bouncing around with so much glass.
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That room is set up for certain audio and video doom without a well-designed plan to address both. BIG is right, the white is going to kill your image quality and create a nightmare of light reflections. The glass walls and all the other hard surfaces are going to muddy your sound like you wouldn't believe. The only tips I would give you from a design perspective would be:
  • Consider using an area rug or similar around your seating area
  • There are ceiling acoustic panels that work well with your modern design aesthetic - Here is an example of wavy "cloud" panels that should help tremendously with controlling audio and video reflections: http://www.acousticalsolutions.com/ceiling-tiles
  • Go with the blackout shades over all glass windows but also have them run inside a U-channel track and not free-floating. One double "U" channel can handle two panels when placed back-to-back.
  • Does Elite screens offer an option for black backing? If not I would find a way to get black backing on that projection screen to avoid the direct light permeating through the screen to be reflected off the wall behind and ruining your picture.
  • Many different manufacturers offer acoustic panels that can be fashioned in a unique way such as this: http://www.acousticsciences.com/soundplank or even any artwork you choose such as this: http://www.atsacoustics.com/art-acoustic-panels.html
  • There are also clear absorbers in colors that could provide a cool accent to a modern decor: http://www.rpginc.com/product_Clearsorber_Foil.cfm

I will be subscribed and following along. Good luck!
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My project is getting back on track and am starting to build the room. Demo starts this week, so i'm back in planning mode.

to answer your questions, i will be only running the projector when the blackout shades are down. I think the light issue will be mainly handled with having all the windows covered with auto roller shades. I think i'm going to run into more accoustical issues. For most of the room, it'll have a shag carpet so that will help.

This room is what i would call a mixed use room. I will draft up some more drawings soon and ask for more help.

thanks guys for the tips!
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