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Input needed on selecting soundbar

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Hi, I have been researching soundbars for my family room which has a wall mounted TV, and have narrowed it down to the following:

1) HK SB30
2) JBL CinemaSB400
3) Klipsch SB3

The HK says 230-watts with 100-watt sub, JBL says 120-watts with 200-watt sub, Klipsch says "300-watts peak" (not sure what is the breakup between the speaker and sub).

So the question is: which one would be more important for sound quality - the power watts of the speaker or the sub?

I am inclining towards the HK, but thought to get input from this forum in case I am missing anything obvious. Also, any other recommendations besides the above three for under $1K soundbar? I am just looking for great sound quality (not comparing with 5.1/7.1 setups of course smile.gif), and HDMI inputs are not that important (since I plan to connect the soundbar to the TV using optical and all HDMI's inputs from the various sources go directly to the TV).

Thanks for your help.
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Go check out the HK SB30 owners thread. That may help answer your questions. I would also throw Yamaha soundbars into the mix as they make some pretty impressive units.
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