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HTD Lync - TV Audio as source - is there a lag?

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Thread title is my question. I know the Sonos introduces a 70ms delay to digitize the line in, making it sub-optimal to send TV audio throughout the home while simultaneously listening to it on a 5.1/7.1 system due to the echo that would be produced. Does the HTD Lync system also have that problem if input through the keypad is used? What about if one of the 6 central sources is used instead? Trying to plan my wiring for a new build. Thanks!
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No, it shouldn't as there's no digital conversion - it's straight through, and won't matter if its a local or remote source.

But you may still get the echo effect if the audio is coming from a set-top box, and not the TV itself, as many TVs have noticeable lag (so the audio would be ahead, not behind).

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I have a setup similar using L/R rca's. Run from satellite reciever to source input on lync reciever. Works great with no sync issues. Just have to keep the tv volume muted to get rid of echo.
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Thanks guys. Goal is to have the 5.1 AVR playing TV sounds (not the TV itself) fed from a cable box, while simultaneously playing the same audio (in perfect sync) through the whole house audio system to a nearby kitchen area. What is best way to achieve this to avoid echo (since I do not want to "turn down" the AVR)? My plan was HDMI from cable box to AVR as normal, but adding RCA line out from cable box to whole house audio amplifier. Am I to understand that the both systems will--or won't--play in perfect sync hooked up in this fashion? How do others handle this?

I do not want to blast the AVR in the family room in order to hear it in the nearby kitchen area (hence the concept of whole house audio), but the spaces are close enough that an echo would be annoying. Am I better off running a dedicated set of "B" speakers to the kitchen from the AVR directly for TV audio only? Seems like a waste, plus would like to hear it in other rooms as well. Thanks for any insights!
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Hmmm... Well you've still got two separate audio paths (a 5.1 digital decoded and an analog one derived from that digital signal by the set-top) - there may be some difference, it's probably going to be close enough to not be audible. Much less likely than the delays induced by a TV. And thinking about it, it's actually a race - the analog signal coming from the set-top will be decoded by the set-top, while the digital signal will race ahead, to be decoded by the AVR. So the actual time delta would really be small.

I think you'll be fine, but if you want some insurance, make sure you can also run analog audio from the set-top to the AVR as well (if they're in the same stack, this would be trivial). So if there is an audible difference, you could switch inputs on the AVR to the "fallback analog 2-channel" source input when you're using the kitchen speakers at the same time.

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I have same thing in my basement. 7.1 setup in one area and two ceiling speakers in another area right behind ( separated only by a bulkhead) and works good. Cant tell any difference. The only thing is, is to balance the volumes to get rid of echo. No sync issues that I can really notice.

Avr is conected via optical and HTD is via rca
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