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Just put together my HTPC... Can't use it on my TV...

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I just built an HTPC using an Asus P8B75-M motherboard, Core i3 3225 CPU, 8 GB RAM, Intel 320 80GB SSD, and 2TB WD Green HDD. The PC is working great. I did all of the setup at my desk connected to one of my PC monitors. The trouble started when I connected it to my A/V system.

I actually get a picture right away when I plug in HDMI. When I start Windows Media Center, which is the main function of this computer, the screen goes black. I got it to come back after unplugging the HDMI cable a few times but then I turned my system off and back on and couldn't get anything on the screen. I'm guessing I need something like the DR HDMI?

The other problem is that I cannot output 5.1 audio through HDMI because the audio output shows up as "Panasonic TV" instead of my Yamaha receiver and it only gives me the option of 2.0. Could the DR HDMI fix this as well?
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Are you going from HTPC to the AV Receiver to the TV? Is your pass-through set properly in your receiver. The display drivers should show the AV Receiver as your video display.
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The signal flow is as follows:

HTPC > Monoprice 4x2 HDMI Matrix > Yamaha RX-V2700 Receiver > Monoprice 1x2 HDMI Splitter > Panasonic G25 Plasma TV/Mitsubishi HD1000 Projector (never on at the same time)

The other output of the matrix goes to my bedroom TV which is another Pansonic plasma. I haven't tried that with the HTPC.

The receiver is set to pass through all video without scaling.

I have been using this setup with my Xbox as a Media Center Extender for quite a while now with no issues.
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I would start by plugging in your monitor to the DVI or VGA and make sure that your computer isn't incorrectly sending the video out the wrong spot.

From there you need to try taking out each hdmi splitter/switch individually and see if those are causing the issue.

With my Yamaha I have an option to turn hdmi control on without upscaling, if you aren't doing this already then please do.

The last thing I would check is for bios options related to HDMI.

Please report back with your findings.
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I've done a bit more troubleshooting today and I have it working better. I found THIS bit of info about how to fix the black screen of death and that did work. I also seem to have fixed the problem with not getting a picture after turning the TV and receiver off and back on. If I switch to another input on the matrix and back again the picture and sound come back. I can simply program my MX-980 to do that.

The 5.1 audio problem is what I have not solved. I have not tried bypassing the matrix yet but I will try that. My Yamaha does not have HDMI control.
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Success! The solution turned out to be something I ran into when I initially setup this system and it revolves around the HDMI matrix. When doing the testing I was manually controlling everything and not using my MX-980 and having no luck getting 5.1 audio. Then I remembered the problem I had during the initial setup of the system. If the bedroom TV output on the matrix was set to the same input as the main TV output then the bedroom TV would override the receiver and report only 2 channel capabilities even when the TV was powered off. I had programmed the MX-980 to change the bedroom input automatically to something other than the main TV. I changed the bedroom TV to another input and while the HTPC still reports the output as "Panasonic TV" it now lists Dolby Digital and DTS as supported output types and I am indeed getting Dolby Digital from recorded TV. smile.gif

Now to try the projector and see that that screws up. wink.gif

UPDATE: Awesome! Switching to the projector doesn't even cause a hiccup in the audio. Better than I expected!
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OK so it worked until I tried to switch to my bedroom TV. Now I cannot get ANYTHING to display from the HTPC on my TV. Now the receiver doesn't even show that it's trying to connect to HDMI and I get absolutely nothing. When I connect the HTPC to a PC monitor I instantly get a picture. I have bypassed everything and I cannot get a display at all. What gives?
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I cannot get video from the HTPC through the receiver anymore! I do not understand. It was working perfectly and now it will not even try to sync. I have tried every input on the receiver. All other sources work fine. When I connect the HTPC directly to the TV I get a signal instantly but when I connect it to the receiver I get absolutely nothing.
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Seems like you've got to much going on. Bypass everything and plug the HDMI from you HTPC directly into your TV. If that works add another device (your receiver). HDMI output to the receiver then to the TV. If that works add another device until you don't get a picture.
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I have done that. I can no longer get ANYTHING AT ALL through the receiver from the HTPC. No audio or video. The PC does not even detect it. It works fine directly to the TV but I need it to go to the receiver and it WAS working and suddenly stopped.

I just cleared the CMOS and reset all the BIOS settings and I still get nothing. The receiver still works fine with my Xbox and Blu-Ray player and it WAS working with the HTPC. I do not understand what could have happened. I get no audio output options or anything when connected to the receiver with HDMI all of which was working perfectly until it simply stopped out of nowhere. The receiver display does not show the HDMI logo as if there is nothing connected. The only thing that changes is that when I select the input on the receiver that the HTPC is connected too I lose all signals to the TV and just get a black screen instead of the Yamaha wallpaper.

UPDATE: I just tried using a DVI>HDMI cable and it worked... until I rebooted the machine. When I initially connected it I got a picture instantly through the receiver and splitter. I of course had no audio. Then I rebooted the PC and it immediately went back to nothing. No signs of any type of connection on the receiver and black screen on the TV. I connected the monitor back up with DVI like I had before and I still couldn't get anything until I rebooted the PC again.

The whole purpose of this project was to make my TV watching simpler and speedier than the Xbox WMC extender but after spending almost 10 hours now just trying to get it to display on my freaking TV I'm REALLY starting to regret spending money on this.

ANOTHER UPDATE: I just tried connecting my MacBook Pro to the receiver. It works just fine.
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Check your motherboard bios for an init display first option and set it to hdmi.

Intel graphics have a very long history for being... well, crap.

This sounds strangely like a hdcp issue to me. I would try changing what hdmi input you are using on your receiver.

I would suggest moving your hdmi cable with power off to your htpc.

You are connecting to 3 different displays? With a receiver and 2 hdmi matrix/splitters? Do you have the latest graphics drivers?

Your MacBook Pro uses Nvidia graphics?

Buy a Nvidia/AMD graphics card?
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