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AV123 mfw-15 in my classifieds

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This is available with blown amp for very cheap. Im thinking its a must buy. Maybe the cab alone is worth $40? any thoughts?
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tell me where you live so I can buy it! smile.gif

Yes the cabinets, I think are very nice. I would buy as many of these as I could find for 100 or less. Literally. If anyone has one and can get it to Denver for 100 or less I will buy them!

I put the Dayton titanic mark III in a blown one of these I bought locally, along with a Behringer dsp3000 to drive it and it is amazing! I have an original with what I believe is a v1 amp that has never blown and the one I built is easily twice as loud and goes considerably lower too!

Unfair comparison I know, but I bought the sub woofer with a bad amp for $100, then spend 199 on the woofer and 260 on the amp. Ended up being about the same price as my first mfw-15 and it puts my buddies $800 ED a7s-450 to shame...
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I agree with the above. When my stock amp went out in my MFW-15, I first replaced it with a Yung 300 watt plate amp, and that worked pretty darn good, but it wasn't long before I wanted to try and upgrade the amp for more power. I have since added a Behringer EP4000 and this thing now has tons of output and digs really deep.

Good luck and if anyone out there who might be reading this might possibly have any MFW-15 cabs or drivers, please hit me up!
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i did recently sell of 2 working mfw-15s with v2 amps, 2 spare working v1 amps, and a spare mfw-15 subwoofer for 250.
mainly to get rid of it with the buyer knowing that this can crap out on you tomorrow.
the enclosures are well worth the money, for me, i just needed to clear out the space asap.
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After listening to this play music i was very impressed with its output. I did end up buying it even though I was very disappointed to see that the beautiful black factory somewhat glossy finish had been painted white! The cab and grill overall is in very good condition otherwise. I plan to hook it up today and give it some exercise. And yes the asking price really was only $40. Hopefully it wasn't stolen, lol. I was a little surprised to see how "not stiff" the driver is. We call this a low compliance driver right? But that's also a good thing because it will give excursion with lower power, I assume. Week worth the effort so far on this.
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How deep does ur mfw go. I have original woofer and powered with yhe ep4000 and mine only goes to 25 hz. Have no idea why. I coveresd the back up with 3/4 plywood and speaker gasket.
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Both my original and my custom have good output down to about 19hz or so in my room. I have a fairly small room but high ceilings.
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I still love my ver1 (I think anyway, bought pretty early on) that are paired with Klipsch RF82s in cherry. I was so impressed with them for the price even at retail back then. Now they are in a pretty big room (17x 27) and still sound good for 2 15s.

How do you tell the difference in the versions?
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