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Cable box audio/video input connections

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I have Cox digital cable with a Pioneer voyager converter box. In the back of the box there are yellow, red and white connections for audio/video input and output. I recently got a blu ray player and would like to run it through the cable box so that I can watch DVDs and netflix on more than just the one TV. I called Cox communication and the tech support woman told me that I would not be able to run A/V through the box (she did not seem to be quite with it). This leads to my question.

If you cannot run A/V signals through the cable box, why are there "input" connections on the back of said box??

It makes no sense to me why Pioneer would put connections on their equipment if they cannt be used. I would appreciate anyones knowlege of what these connections are for if they cannot be used as above, or if they can be used in this fashion, how do I go about making the correct hookups?

Thanks in advance!smile.gif
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Why not download the Pioneer manual and see what it says? However, putting a BluRay player through composite video (if possible) would be a big loss of resolution. I can do it with my DVR (ReplayTV) and the PQ is tolerable, but nothing like native BluRay.
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They were intended by the manufacturer if the provider allowed, to be used as "Pass through" connections. You will just have to connect to the back of the tv. Also if the Cable box you have does not have HDMI or Component outputs, you are just getting 480i through either coax, or the Red/White audio & Yellow video.
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Never thought to look for a manual frown.gif I searched all over including the Pioneer web site and found no manual available anywhere (except to purchase for an exhorbitant amount). So I sent an inquiry directly to Pioneer. I will post whatever answer they send.

As for the quality, that is not a concern of mine. I bought new TVs just before HD became reasonably priced so I am connected with 480i anyway. I cannot see dumping a pertectly good television just for a better picture, (or lack thereof depencing on your persective).

Thanks for your suggestions and input.
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It's probably more Cox than Pioneer behind whether those inputs work. Usually when there are features like that on a cable box, it's up to the cable company to determine whether they're to be live or for "future use." If your cable company doesn't want them active, they're not going to be active, and Pioneer really can't help you.

Also, I think when Pioneer restructured due to their recent bankruptcy, they may have gotten out of the cable box business, and what is left is surplus that Cox is putting to use as long as they still work. That's just conjecture, but I wouldn't be surprised. They dropped making plasma screens and other CE items in favor of more profitable car stereos and AV receivers. There may not be anyone left there that knows anything about their cable boxes.
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