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Has anyone found a source for this as a replacement part? Looks like someone at the factory put a finger print on it, the lens has darkened around it, and it won't clean up.

Model HL-T5075SX

This is actually a bad color wheel I replaced, however, now that this is a "spare" and there was no harm in damaging it, I tried the cleaning method I saw on some obscure post on another site. (remove wheel from assembly, pull wheel gently off end of motor/winding, then (in this order) NAPTHA (soak 5 min), CRC-QD, Compressed air. Both bearing surfaces wheel and motor, winding channel on color wheel, and windings themselves must be cleaned. After all that a meticulous cleaning of the color segments will be in order. Appearantly because the windings are charged with electricity they attract the dust which accumulates siezing the wheel. The air bearing in the middle generally stays clear.

Anywho, it now spins just like the new one I bought, and will keep it as a spare for the future, however, that lens on the assembly is bad and I cant seem to find it as a separate part to order. Has anyone ever seen this as a replacement part, or how about a new assembly (without the color wheel)