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Hdmi sparklies only with DVD content but not 1080p

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So I'm trying hard to understand the whole hdmi signal degradation process. In my setup, I have 1080p running 30 feet to my projector through a 4x4 matrix and hd content at 1080p works perfectly find with no degradation in quality. Even 3d video, no problem. 1080i from my PVR looks great! But I put in the DVD copy or road trip tonight and noticed sparklies on the left side of the screen. I also noticed what looked to be black and white blotches in the video frame. They look just like film noise or dust. Interesting thing is that I could "pause" the video signal and the blotches were still there, but the sparklies were animated on the left side.

Can anyone tell me why hd content would look perfect but 480p exhibits sparklies and possibly other artifacts?
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I had a similar problem with a cheap ebay matrix. Once i upgraded to a better one the problem went away.
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So I was able to eliminate the SD DVD sparklies by turning off the upscaling of the PS3. Now it's just the projector doing the upscaling (which is fine)... PS3 upscaling was likely set on by default and I never bothered to change it.

But there's still the artifacting with SD DVD's only? They almost look like dust you'd see at the movie theatre. It appears on the movies i've tried including I-Robot which I would assume is a pretty clean source. Are the dust artifacts part of the dvd video signal (they comes in different shapes and sizes but are always small, I can pause the frame on them and are only present momentarily when the video is playing) They are also consistent. For example, 01:21:08;23 will contain the "artifact"

So to summarize. There are now zero sparklies on any video signal, but there are black and sometimes white "dust" like artifacts.

I never noticed them on my Panasonic PT-AE900u but it was "only" 720p.
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Holy Crap! I just hooked up my old Panny 900u and sure enough, exact same problem!

So I took the DVD out of the PS3, plugged it into my Sony Vaio laptop (1920X1200) and played the DVD back on the built in BD player. Sure enough, the same black blotches are there too???? I've never noticed this before and now it's all I notice??? The DVD is perfectly clean (physically) so next I'll try the I-Robot disc and see if it's there too???
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Well, I'll be damned.... I-Robot is the same (though not nearly as bad) as Road trip....

I can't believe that in this many years, I've never tuned into this before??????
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Add American Beauty to the list....
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Here's a shot of the artifact.

That's the projector screen and notice that big pile of... Noise. I managed to "pause" the video on that single frame but this is only one instance... There's countless others like this. And it's the same for American Beauty as well...

I tried it on my HTPC with Windows Media Player, same thing. Tried it on my macbook pro retina, again, exact same thing. Same frame, same artifact.

If anyone can shed some light, it would be great. I spoke with a colleague of mine who authors professional DVD's and BD discs and he thinking it may be a scaling issue. He's surprised that footage like this ever made it past QC, but he also indicated that when authoring a DVD, you're not doing it in a 120" screen. It's using source monitors where the pixels are pretty fine and smaller.
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I'm using some monoprice extenders (wall plate kind) and I'm going about 30-40 feet or so (with service loops)..... I noticed that everything, EVERYTHING. worked find (without sparkles) except for the PS3. I think it has a lower power hdmi port than most everything else. I did notice that if I played a BluRay, the sparkles went away (because it would switch to 24 frames per second therefore less bandwidth). If I change it to 1080i or 720p it also does the same thing. I would argue that your other player is doing the same thing. There just isn't enough power to go as far as I wanted (using some shorter cable fixed the problem, but that was only a test). I ended up using this inline equalizer from monoprice near the tv and it solved most of my issue (though not all): http://www.monoprice.com/products/product.asp?c_id=104&cp_id=10419&cs_id=1041914&p_id=2849&seq=1&format=2

I plan on going with a better HDMI over Cat6 solution later on, so for now it is acceptable for the amount of time I use the PS3. I hope this helps you out some.

Edit: I should note that I was only having the "sparkles" issue, not your other one. that is indeed very strange and my PS3 does not do that with DVDs
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I tried watching a colleagues copy of Napoleon Dynamite at the video suite where I work, and sure enough, the artifacts exist there too. Harmon Kardon DVD running component video to a sony preview monitor. Right in the Dreamworks intro video, my video editor was looking, I pointed it out and he was shocked, but he definitely saw it!

This is simply looking like film dust and artifacts.
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