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Asus E35M1-M users. Help

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So sorry to duplicate again this post, but I think this is the best place to write...

Hi guys!

I've this mobo (the non-pro version). My OS is linux mint. I've tried infinite combinations to get a better performance in flash streaming video. I finally decided to install the catalyst drivers (flglrx) and the flash streaming is more or less ok with chrome and its pepper flash plugin. The fact is that it depends a lot of the server I connect to. In some servers, the flash streaming is perfect, but in other the flash is a bit choppy. It is not a problem of the server, cause my laptop can play it perfectly.
I was wondering if by installing an additional graphics card could improve the quality, maybe an asus en210?
Does anybody has this mobo with a dedicated graphics card and running linux? I would like to exchange some experiences

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My experience is that in Linux, full-screen Flash video requires a beefy CPU. In fact, I gave up on two perfectly good Atom/ION based MythTV setups because of this. I built a quad-core based HTPC, and flash is now great.

Oh, and any AMD/ATI Radeon is not a good idea in Linux. The Linux AMD Radeon drivers are crap, both the open-source and the AMD Catayst drivers.
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Thanks for your reply.
I also think nvidia cards work better under linux, that's why I say to add an asus en210 (nvidia)
Have you also tried this motherboard?
Anybody else?
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I'm pretty sure hardware acceleration for flash on Linux never really materialized. The nvidia card hardware acceleration works well on Linux with the nvidia binary drivers for non-flash video. As waterhead said, flash video on Linux is best done with a speedy CPU which your mobo doesn't have.

Personally I just avoid flash video - about the only thing I'll watch flash-based is HBOGo, and it's only in our theater that has a quad-core PC so it works well. The other Internet video I watch are either feeds from places like revisions3, twit, Nasa etc which tend to be mpeg4 (so they play well with the nvidia driver) or I stream a Roku locally on my network for everything else (netflix, amazon, etc). I'm a DirecTV customer and they will not allow HBOGo on the Roku - but on a PC it's OK. They must figure the Roku is just to easy for the average Joe to use while a HTPC isn't, so they allow it's use.
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I usually only watch Flash when watching sports (football & basketball) from ESPN 3. In fact, I had to watch my Wisconsin Badgers play in the Rose bowl via ESPN 3, and the picture was great (the outcome of the game was not so great).
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Thanks for your replies. I'd like to avoid flash, but sometimes unfortunately I cannot.
I would like to test this mobo under Windows, especially regarding the radeon drivers, to confirm whether it's a software (drivers) problem or hardware (cpu power)

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