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Back, with questions :-)

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Back from vacation, totally in LOVE with the HTPC and Assassin's Guides! Have a few questions I don't *think* AG covers:

1. (I have not yet delved into XBMC, we're still "learning" WMC/MB/MCM, so if it has this feature and WMC/MB doesn't, just let me know and I'll hurry up and start learning XBMC, too!) Is there a way to search my movies? Such as if I want to see all movies actress Jane Doe is in? What about by category? I have a ton of exercise DVDs, for example, is there a way to display a list of them? Or a list of comedies?

2. How do you handle metadata for movies that don't show up on IMDB or the other databases? Or for a home movie, for example? I have a lot of indie(?) travel DVDs that aren't on IMDB, is there any way I could add my own cover images and summary that would show up in WMC/MB like the others do?

I have another question about funky DVDs that come up with a million titles that are all about the same since in MakeMKV, but I will wait until I come across another one to deal with that question! (The one that happened on is buried in my stack of scratched disks that won't rip, so I can't do it right now.)

3. How do you deal with scratched DVDs? (Or even not scratched DVDs that don't want to rip?) We have kids, and a lot of our disks are scratched. Most of them still work fine in a DVD player, but MakeMKV sees a problem with them and the rip fails. Is there a good disk repairer on the market now that someone could recommend?
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Can't find an edit buttonFound it, remembered my other questions:

4. Is there any way to view (I don't mind paying for it!) the Military channel, Game Show Network, or the History channel WITHOUT cable service? Can anyone explain briefly what a TV tuner/digital antenna would do for me? I think I'm understanding it would pick up local channels? (If so, don't care about those)

I REALLY want to get rid of my cable service, it's a huge waste of money to begin with, and even more so because it barely gets watched, but my husband insists on keeping it because we watch GSN during dinner (it's a family thing, lol) and one of my sons loves History and Military channel, and since they're educational, hubby insists that we have them. ANY help to get rid of cable would be greatly appreciated!

5. How do you deal with multi-disk movies? (Titanic/Pearl Harbor/etc) Is there a secret to the metadata?
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Bumping this up, hoping someone can offer some advice :-)
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I'll try to help with what little I can.

1. There is a way to search in media browser. THIS link is a good guide to the shortcuts, including the search feature.

2. Not sure about MCM, but in Meta Browser, you can fill in the meta data that you want for home movies, etc... You can also save whatever image that you want as long as it's in the file format recognized by media browner (.png, maybe?).

3. Unfortunately, I can't help you with this one.

4. Antenna is for over the air (OTA) signals only, which means that you would not get the channels that you listed. Not sure if any of those networks are available on Hulu+, so I think that you're stuck with cable.

5. I make .mkv files of each disc and then merge them together using mkvmerge.

Hopefully that helped some.
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I have all my movie genre's separated into different categories on my server. You can point media browser to the different folders in configurator.

My main screen looks like this with a different background for each genre (see Assassins guide).

Inside each genre folder is all the movies

To see movies by actor you can (1) open a movie (2) click on the people icon (3) click on an actor, and every movie that actor is in will show up on a new screen

For your second question...
If you use Media Center Master to fetch metadata there is an option in the settings to "create a blank meta data for movies that are not found". Then you can go to "TOOLS" - "MEDIA OPTIONS" and then edit the thing anyway you want. Do not change the name of the folder that is created by MCM until after you have saved all information or it will not save it. You can do a Google search for artwork, or create your own with Photoshop or any other editing software you want to use and just add it to the existing folder containing the movie. Make sure you name each image "backdrop" with contiguous numbering (i.e. backdrop, backdrop1, backdrop2, etc) or it will not show up. The movie poster should always be named "folder".

I hope this helps
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