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LG Blu-ray Home Theater BH9520TW and PS3

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First off Happy new year!

My parents got a blu ray home theatre system for me for Christmas/Birthday. This is the model - LG Blu-ray Home Theater BH9520TW.

My problem is I am not sure what settings I should use on my PS3 and the actual LG system. I want to use HDMI so I can get full Surround sound.
At the moment I have my PS3 connected to the receiver via HDMI and then the receiver connects to my HDTV also using HDMI.

I am not so worried about blu ray performance I am more worried about gaming. My problem is I don't know what setting to change on the receiver or PS3.
I want to experience games like Uncharted 3 and God of War 3 in PCM 5.1 or 71. I have heard that's the way to go. my system says its 9.1 but I think that's just a gimmick really. I take my system is really 5.1 and not 7.1? Correct me if I am wrong please.

I tried selecting all the linear PCM settings under the sound options on my PS3 which is a fat PS3 by the way and not a slim. I started playing God of War 3 and I could hear sound coming from all my speakers. Sounded fantastic! Now the problem comes in. As soon as I reached a cutscene or cinematic none of the character voices would play. I could hear all the chaos of the fighting etc but no voices. Even the opening cinematic of the game had no voices. When Zeus is talking I cannot hear him at all.

I then tried playing MGS 4. Same thing. When ever a character speaks I hear nothing. If I change the sound setting on the PS3 to HDMI Automatic I don't get Linear PCM 5.1 it only goes to 2 channels.
I do get DTS and Dolby Digital though. The voices return in cutscenes and cinematics as well but the sound is just not as good during actual game play. I don't seem to get the same surround sound feel. I cant really hear anything coming from my rear speakers. My receiver says it has LPCM decodind etc. Maybe I am not seeing something?

My receiver has a few sound options. I can select PCM stereo, PCM Multichannel, DTS RE-ENCODE or Bitsteam. Not sure which one to pick. I tried them all one by one with the same problem occurring. I am also not sure what KHz my system will support. I could not see anything in the manual. I see there are a lot of choices under the PS3 options.

I would really appreciate some help guys. Hope I have given enough information to aid.


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try and put the ps3 in bitstream if possible. for the life of me cant remember if the ps3 can
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That looks like a PS3 output issue. There's a thread with lots of PS3 setting information in the Blu-ray Players forum.

Meanwhile, the settings you mention on your system (PCM Stereo, DTS Re-encode, and so on) are output settings for the system's disc player. They won't have any effect on processing audio from external sources such as your PS3. And, yes, you have a 5.1 system with some of added processing on four channels that LG then calls 9.1. It is not 9.1, of course, which is nine channels.
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