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Need some help deciding on which 70" Sharp...

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I've read tons of threads, searched hundreds of combos but there is honestly just TOO much info to weed thru and at least 20 different versions of these damn TVs out there it's making my head spin! smile.gif I would appreciate a little direct help from some informed sources and opinions if you guys could be so kind.

My brother bought a LC-70LE632U early last year at some crazy price (like 1700) so i assumed it was the lowest version of these tvs. Now I see that is it's full-array and the TVs now are only edge lit. So my main question is should i pick one of those up instead of the newer versions (have my eye on the LC-70LE847U). Any advise here would be great!

I'm a fairly critical viewer. My family room is large and alot of natural sunlight comes in (behind the tv so no big glare issues). I watch alot of movies and bluray and alot of sports. (unfortunately there is alot of spongebob on there too for the kids) smile.gif

From what i've read it seems most people don't have any confidence in the QUATTON technology for better picture. I dont currently watch any 3D but wouldn't mind having it and playing around with it. I don't care about audio from the TV since i have a good setup there and don't care about all the internet brower or connectivity stuff (outside of being able to do OTA updates) becuase i handle all that with my apple tv.

So with all that... any help would be much appreciated! My budget is around 2500, i could stretch to 2800 or so but could earn some points with the wife picking up the sub ~ $2000 632.

thanks guys!!

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I would go with the LC70LE745U.It provides a pleasing picture after tweaking and 3D with all the smart TV options and it fits your budget.Good luck.
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i can get the 745 and the 846 for the same price, would you still get the 745?
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I know about the 845 and the 847 versions(which if the price was the same as the 745 I would take either of those over the 745),but I'm not familiar with an 846 version.What is the complete model#?
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Sorry - i meant 847. thanks!
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